Saturday, August 29, 2009


It's been a while. I think I have joined the ranks of other bloggers lately. Just not feeling the blogging thing these days. It is pretty time consuming and Abby hates it when I am at the computer. Actually my butt would probably be smaller too if I didn't spend so much time on the computer :) Farmville (totally addicting!) on FB has me pretty good too. Anyhoo not sure what I will do, still thinking. This blog is really the only record I am keeping of Abby's progress right now. I actually really need to print it out in book form. So here are some pictures of Abby at my Mom's last weekend eating mussels. She had clams at the beach and liked em. She also likes crab. Looks like there will be no need to worry about shell fish allergies with my girl :)

NO THAT IS NOT ABBY'S WINE :) No need to call soci*l services.

Whatcha got there Da?????

Yeah sure! I'll try one. Thanks Aunt Elizabeth.

That's right! Bring the whole bowel of em right here :)

Thanks Aunt Elizabeth. I'll take it from here :)

Good Stuff. Don't know why Mommy doesn't like these!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Play Date Time!

Yesterday we had a FCC play group scheduled. The weather had the potential to be good or bad. The good was a for casted high of only 84 WEEEE! It has been too wicked hot around here to do anything lately. The Bad was mostly overcast with scattered T Storms. The weather looked pretty promising yesterday morning so off we went. Late of course! Abby and I slept in (THANK YOU ABBY!) so instead of our 10:00ish goal we arrived closer to 11:00. It was a small group this time with only 3 other families/friends there. Two of which were in the process of heading out due to the EXTREME HEAT! Yep! May have been 84 (I think more like 90) but the humidity was more like oh 3000%! OUCH. Lucky for us family number 3 had only been there a little bit before us. They had decided to stick it out as long as they could. Family number 3 just happened to be Shannon and Ellie :) along with cousin K. It was wicked HOT but only Shannon and I were suffering as the girls stayed in the cool water. Shannon and I had time to catch up (in between Ellie chases :O). It was great to see them again! My pictures were not that great (lets blame the heat). But here are a few (blurry) cute ones.

Ellie getting ready to drink the water :)

Girls on the run :)

Refreshing :)


Having fun!

Lot's of fun!

The water changes heights periodically:)



Good times :)

Miss E!


Just playen :o

Drink break!


E and K!

Hot and Tired little girls! (you should have seen the Mommy's)

Wiped and hot! She was out in 15 minutes. Even refused her lunch! She woke up 45 minutes later (while we were still sitting in traffic waiting to cross the HRBT tunnel).

Shortly after we got arrived home so did the rain and storms.

Pretending. Mommy said no to outside. Not with the thunder and lightning! This was at 3:00 PM. It was pretty darn dark. The street lights were even on.

Last of all a little video of the the cuteness yesterday. We had a good time. We were sad to miss A, J and A along with K, R and K and hope to catch up with you all soon :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Random pictures

And yes.... The Papa Fairy will be here when she turns 3. (November) We are prepping for that momentous visit now.
***Clarification***** That would be the Paci Fairy not the Daddy Fairy in case any one is confused :) However..... If there is such a thing as a Daddy Fairy feel free to send her my way :)

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Abby meets the ocean

Abby and I took a sick day today. She is now in her third week of a snotty cold and added a wet productive cough to the mix towards the end of last week. I had been kinda of waiting it out since she hadn't has any fevers and her spirits and mood remained excellent. Unfortunately last night she coughed half of the night and her cough had a noticeable change to it. It is deeper and more barking in nature so I brought her in to her pediatrician today. Strep, Croup, and some viral cold thing have been going around her daycare. Luckily for us though and her rapid strep test was negative and her ears and throat were pronounced clear. She pranced around charming everybody and basically made me look like a fool for bringing her in. If it weren't for her obvious congestion and nasal drainage (snot) I would have been totally embarrassed. They did prescribe a Z pack for her though. Since she was nearing the end of her third week with this and she said obviously something was brewing. Tough call is all I have to say. To me three weeks is too long to remain that symptomatic especially with the cough changing. I figured better nip it in the bud now before it turned really nasty and resulted in lots of missed work verses one day. Her Doc also was very impressed with how well she was talking and conversing. Even saying, "You look too little to be talking as well as you are." They weighed her too today. She is now 28 pounds! Most must be muscle cuz she is very lean (except her belly) :) She still wears mostly 2 T's and can wear 18 to 24 months in dresses. 3 T also works for dresses but absolutely not in pants. Shes a definite 2 T for those. She also looks taller in pictures than she actually is. I can't believe she will be 3 in November!

So back to school (daycare) for her tomorrow and work for me. What is a total bummer is that I can't even use my sick time for today. That being because I wasn't the one sick :(

I'm still trying to catch up with beach photos. These pictures range from day 1 at the beach up till day 5. Of course day 1 was mostly the sand. She clung to me and had no desire to go near the water. She had a blast in the sand so the first 2 days we just let her get comfortable. This was her first time seeing the ocean and she didn't get it. She kept insisting that it was the river :)

Playing with cousin Virginia;)

Getting buried in the sand with Sissy and Aunt Elizabeth :)

Oh yeah. After she was all clean what did she do? :)

Day 2 More sand play but she let me carry her down to the beach and had fun dipping her feet as long as I picked her up when the waves came. I just kept picking her up each time she asked and by the end of the day she felt pretty secure and let her self enjoy the ocean.

Playing with cousin Josh

Bathing beauty!
Day 3 Everything changed. She only wanted to play in the water. She also was eager to "Do it myself!" She still stayed pretty close though :)

Day 4 She decided to be a little bolder. She wanted to go in deeper and wasn't as worried about getting out of the way when the waves broke. By the end of the day she was sitting and letting the waves break on her. She had a blast.

With cousin Christopher, We call him Mr Safety :) She was definitely safe with him.

Playing with Meema:)

Day 5 Our last day. Can you say no fear? Actually a little but mostly on Mommy's part. Just watching the joy in her face was wonderful :) She had a blast!

Ended with this one cuz I like it :) Even though it's blurry. P.S. Short video with cousins Jack and Zachary at the end :)