Saturday, November 28, 2009

And now she is 3 :)

Long time no post. Things have been kind of crazy around here as of late. Getting ready and keeping the condo fit to sell is hard work. Little Miss can trash a room quicker then I can say her name. I feel like I am constantly picking up and cleaning. It never ends! I have downsized as much as I can into a storage garage I rented. I need to take a picture of it. It's like Sanford and Son it's so packed. There are at least 7 other condos for sale in my development. Between the hard times with the economy and crappy market I'm thinking I may just have to drop the price to the lowest to sell it. I'm not quite at that point yet but seriously thinking that is what I will have to do.

In other news Auntie Laurie had a stroke last week. She is 41 and yes you read that correctly she had a stroke. I'm happy to say that thanks to the quick actions of her hubby she was in the ER and able to receive TPA during the all important 4.5 hr window. Her speech, some cognitive and her right side mobility were all affected. Scary stuff but the TPA worked. She is 99.9% back to normal and is already home. A lot of things had to fall into place just exactly so and thank Gawd they did or the outcome might have been much different. So we were very thankful this Thanksgiving.

Little miss turned 3 right in the middle of the November Nor'easter (that's what they are calling it). We had 3 days of constant wind and rain but luckily no damage and we didn't loose power. Others were not as lucky though. It's amazing that a Nor'easter can be as damaging as a hurricane. They compared this storm to a category 1 hurricane. It was similar except it parked itself right over us for several days. So below is the first picture I have of my 3 year old :)

MeMe and Grandad were here from Florida to celebrate and they helped me bring cupcakes to daycare for her party. Unfortunately there were only 6 of her friends there. Most everyone was out due to the Nor'easter. (It was crazy! Everything was closed, schools, city buildings ect) As you can see little Missy had her crown :) Her cake was a crown made out of cupcakes with light up princesses on it. Unfortunately I didn't get a good picture of the cake and some of my other shots were blurry. I didn't get any shots of MeMe and Grand-dad either?

I'm 3 :)

After the party we came back home and opened her presents from Mommy and MeMe and Grand-dad. Note she is holding her 3 Balloons she wanted. :)

Then on Sunday we celebrated at Meema aand Da's. It was Cousin Sam's (16) BD also so we had a joint celebration.

Another BD crown. Meema found this one on Ebay. It is some sort of Chinese traditional head dress. Very cool. Thanks Meema!

Abby wanted a Kai-lan cake. It didn't quite work out due to the storm so Mommy improvised. I bought a Kai-lan bubble blower and stuck it on top of her cake. Put bubbles in it and turned it on. Added some sprinkles and she loved it :) As evidenced by the pictures below,

Time for presents. Everyone was very generous! Little Miss received some wonderful presents

Happy Birthday my Abba! Mommy loves you very much!!!!!

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Sunday, November 08, 2009

My soon to be 3 year old :)

My baby is growing up way too fast!! Look at my little peanut in China. This was day two with her and our official adoption day. She was just 13 months old (she turned 14 months a week later). Now she will be 3 YEARS OLD???

Flash forward to the present and here is what almost 3 looks like in our house :) And she really does know her A B C'S :)

Thursday, November 05, 2009

2 Years ago today!

My life changed for the better. Lin Ping An entered my life and finally my daughter had a face. I became a Mommy and my dreams became reality. I waited another 2 months and 1 day to kiss her cheeks and hug her tight. Our journey continues and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Thank you China for my Abba. I will always be grateful for the gift that you have given to me.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween 2009

Abby has been talking about Halloween for weeks. She has been carrying her pumpkin candy holder around and practicing saying Trick or Treat and or passing out pretend candy :)

A couple of her Halloween outfits this week :)

Heading over to Uncle Pete's for Trick or Treating. Yes that would be rain on the window. Luckily it didn't last. This was the warmest Halloween on record for a while. It was 84 today and very muggy this evening.

Check out cousin Josh sporting his new short hair cut! Could he be any cuter??? Sissy made a cute "Nice Witch". Abby was happy even though she doesn't look it in this photo.

Super Josh!

My little Kitty Cat :) See her tail :)

Alright guys! Let's go :)

Here we go!

Leading the way. She was on a Candy Mission :)

Trick or Treat!

I was proud of my girl. She was great about saying Thank you.

Starting to get tired....

Jp wasn't about to give up his bucket :0

Hot, sweaty and tired but she had a bucket full of loot :)

Jp was tired too.

Happy Halloween! My tired little Halloween munchkin was asleep within 10 minutes tonight :)