Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our week in pictures

I never seem to have time to post anymore. I even considered stopping blogging all together since my posts have been so lacking. But then again, this is sort of a scrapbook of our life. And at least I'm documenting it. I would like to do better then my once weekly posts though. We don't live an incredibly exciting life with lots of exciting things to post about either but we are a happy little family.

For the last week Abby and I have been having our meals together at the table. Up till then she had been eating in her high chair in the kitchen while I cleaned up the dishes etc and occasionally ate along with her while standing and leaning against the counter. My dining room table is a catch all for everything. I finally got it cleaned off and now we eat together. Now instead of rushing around trying to get as many things done as possible ( while she is confined to her high chair and busy eating) I'm actually sitting and enjoying our time together. It's nice and I'm sorry I waited till now to start . Such nice dinner company I have too :)

On Sunday we had a wet chilly windy weekend. Heavy rains that near the end of the day unexpectedly changed into snow. Big wet flakes and they didn't amount to much but Abby could actually see the flakes this time.

Of course I dragged her out (runny nose and all) on to the front porch to check out the flakes.

She humored me and pretended to be impressed :).

My girl can trash a room. This is what a rainy wet Sunday confined in the house all day looks like at our house. Note that I had already picked up once while she napped too.

Here she is! My little tornado :)

And yep! We have been seeing a lot of this for the last week. "Naked girl " as soon as I turn my back :) Her motivation for the potty seems to have taken a back seat to just being naked. She did pee in the potty this past Sat but I think it was a fluke. They (day care) told me today that she had been staying drier for longer periods during the day. They think that is a positive and a sign that she is getting ready? Me on the other hand is thinking oh oh is she dehydrated?

It's fun now to. She is starting to do a lot of pretend play. Check out her ensemble below.

And yes! The bad haircut I gave her is slowly growing out thank goodness. Note the random pieces sticking out here and there. I have been good tho and stayed away from the scissors. I'm hoping to get her hair trimmed on Friday.

All bundled up this morning but totally refusing to look at the camera :)

And my silly girl at dinner tonight :)

Last of all we would like to send a happy shout out to Pipo!! About to embark on the journey of a lifetime :) Can't wait to see little Pipa in her arms!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

PIcture Day

Today was picture day at Abby's daycare. The kids had their pictures taken with live bunnies in prep for Easter. I was a little concerned because I decided to give Abby a little bang trim and now she is sporting a pretty nice little mullet! Time for me to put down the scissors. I think I did a pretty good job of hiding the damage I did :)

Yep that's a paci (sigh...)
When I picked her up her teachers informed me that while she had done very well for the photo session there was an accident... Yep, somehow she peed on the back of her dress before the pictures were taken. They were able to rinse it out and dry it for the pictures tho. Luckily she had a fresh outfit with her as well. I knew she wouldn't want to be in that outfit all day anyway.

My Pretty girl :) I just love her so much!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Potty Time

Well after telling everyone that my daughter had ZERO interest in potty training at present... Guess who decided this week that she was ready? All of a sudden, 100 times a day (it seems) I hear, "I go potty" or "I go Poop"The pants come off, the diaper too and then she sits :) Nope! She has yet to produce anything in her potty but I'll give her an A for effort anyhow. She even sits on the big potty backwards sometimes but nothing yet. This constant on and off diaper game got old quick plus there becomes the issues of wasted diapers. So now Abby is sporting pull ups. Pretty pink ones with Dora on them. I'm working with her on taking them up and down instead of just off. The darn things are little tricky though. I have to really stifle myself from laughing as she pulls them up. They tend to get hung up on her little hiney :) So I'm taking this as a sign of definite interest from her. I even got her some Elmo undies today (size 2t -3t) the smallest size I could find. They will probably swallow her but will see. I'm giving her Lot's of praise and encouragement each time she tries. Any or all ideas to help make this latest adventure easier for us are welcome.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

taste of spring?

Last Sunday was a top ten day. Bright blue sky and 75 degrees. Not sure what happened to the colder then normal with increased chance for snow went... Anyhoo I took Abby to a little park by my Mom's. She had a good time :)

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Superbowl fun

Abby and cousin Josh provided the half time entertainment this year.

Trying to make Josh stay focused.

Sizing each other up :)

One last grab at her.

It's been a little tense around here lately. Don't really want to post about it now. I know everything will work out. I'm also working on a Trying Twos post. She is in full bloom right now.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

CNY Celebration

One of my Mom's good friends is Chinese. For the last 3 years (the last 2 with Abba) I have gone to a local Chinese community center that she belongs to and celebrated CNY. It's very cool. Mom was sick this year so Abby and I went with DA. Before we left I did another mini photo shoot of Abby in her traditional Chinese dress. Doesn't she look pretty :)

This picture is so Abby :)

I think she looks stunning in red.

So last year when we went Abby was pretty little and had only been home about a month or so. This year was different. I think she had a good time. She didn't eat much of the 11 courses that we were served though. I didn't either. I was too busy making sure she didn't trash her pretty dress. She saw everyone using chop sticks and decided she needed some too :) Here she is with Da trying to figure them out.

Not to sure what to make of the CNY dragon puppet.

She was surprisingly brave with the dragons. here she is pictured with my Mom's friend Nu.

Giving the dragon a red envelope. It helped that this was the baby dragon so not quite as intimidating :)

With Nu waiting to put her red envelope in the dragon's mouth.

This was the big dragon too but she did it!

Isn't it beautiful? Nu's son told me that if you want to be a part of the dragon dance then you have to practice once a week for a year. Th big dragon and the little one circled all through the room and crowd several times.
Then the big one gets down on the floor and tries to rest and or sleep. The kids then come up and poke and tease the dragon until it wakes up and starts dancing again. The dance ends when the dragon stretches up tall and grabs an ornament off of the ceiling.

The baby dragon :)

Sleeping dragon (out of order). The people dressed in black banged on drums and pounded cymbals (sp?) while the dragons danced.

Eating the final course. oranges for good luck :)
Checking out the line head after the dance.

Outside of the community center.

CNY Tree

Here's 2 videos too. The first is of the dragon dance. The second is of a man attending the celebration that they asked to come up and demonstrate the drums. he evidently used to play them.