Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lunch with Jen and Jainy

Jen and Jainy came over today for lunch and play. We had a great time. Janie made the beautiful picture above for Abby :)

It was so sweet to watch the girls play together :)

After play we went to a Chinese/Tai buffet for lunch. As you can see my girl lived up to her reputation and made a mess. That's food on her butt from all the wiggling in her high chair. (They swept around our table twice while we ate!) :)

Thanks Jen and Jainy. We had a great time and look foreward to the next time :)

She sleeps

This is how she started her dinner...

This is what happens at dinner when you skip your afternoon nap....

Poor baby, we were right there with her talking and all of a sudden she was out.

So sweet! I had to post these :)

Abby meets Grandad and Meme L.

Grandad and Meme L. came down from Tampa Florida to meet their Newest Grandchild. Mutual adoration was immediately noted. Abby warmed right up immediately :)

There was some major loving going on :)

We took Grandad and Meme to visit Auntie Laurie's store. Abby had a ball reorganizing the merchendise to her liking.

Grandad and Meme also helped me by adding some much needed storage to my increasingly tiny condo.

OOPS! Grandad got a little too agressive with the drill. Currently we have a ladybug covering up the damage :)

Below I had to add this video. I had bought one of those soft rings to go around my coffe table and it was to big. I went back and got the smaller one and as you can see they made it fit :) Thanks Grandad and Meme it was a wonderful but too quick of a visit! Thank you also for all of your handy fixits that you did for me :) Awesome job! Also Thanks to Aunti Laurie, My personal "handy girl".

First Checkup

I was worried that Abby's ears might be bothering her. Her doctors appointment isn't til Febuary 4th so Uncle Chris (Aunty Lauries hubby) was glad to check her out for me. He pronounced her fine (Thank you Uncle Chris) and boy does Abby like him :) We weighed her too and she was up to 20.7 pounds!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some Firsts

Oh my sweet girl had some firsts today! The first three pictures are from yesterday. Doesn't she look sweet? Still walking at times but wobbles and falls are on the increase.

Walking her lion :)

My baby got her first booboo (with me anyway) today. Poor thing was all ready to go to the park when she took a spill. She was walking and holding her juice bottle when she tripped over her lion and down she went face first on her bottle. I picked her up right away as she cried and saw blood spilling from her mouth. Not a lot but still! She then was silent building up to the big cry while I cuddled her and reassured her. She does that sometimes, takes a breath and all is silent til the big cry scream rings out. This time she held her breath a long time, I was holding her next to the sink and her face and lips got purple! Totally freaked me out! I yelled breath Abby and she finally let her cry out! Poor baby. She has done that before when really upset (rarely) but never that long or til her face and lips got purple! Has any one else had their child do this? What do I do?? Lord I hope she never does it again.....

She then let me cuddle her and calmed right down, I put a cold rag to her mouth and saw a little cut on her lip, about 1/4 cm at most. It was oozing so I got out one of her teething rings from the fridge. She liked that and the oozing of blood stopped. Then once she was calm and distracted I gave her some tylenol and some cold juice and then she was fine. Acted like nothing had happened. That took several years off of me tho.

Here she is shortly after her fall drinking her juice. I had to change her outfit cause the sweater had blood on it but didn't she look cute :)

Then we went on to the park since she seemed fine. It was 55 degrees today! The warmest since she has been home. I put her on the swing and she loved it :):)

If you look close you can see her lip :(

I put her down on the grass to see what she would do. She didn't mind it. I had heard that some adopted children do.

We also tried the slide but the swings were definately the big hit of the day.

Then we went for a little walk. My baby fell asleep. It was her nap time by then. Mom if you are reading this, bring us the big stroller next time you come.

Last night was her first night sleeping in her own room in her own crib. We had been doing the pack and play in my room up til then. I don't think she was really comfy tho so yesterday we did a trile run using her crib at nap time and she did fine. Last night I decided to try her first night time in her crib. I felt sad tho, and was afraid something might happen to her or what if I don't hear her if she cries?? I know, I am a geek but I really considered taking her out and putting her back in the pack and play in my room. It felt strange after sharing a room with her for 16 days. So I decided to bunk down in her room for the night just in case she needed me. She did fine, just up once for a bottle then right back down. me on the other hand did not have a good night sleep. The floor was hard. So tonight I put her in her own crib again but I will be sleeping in my bed tonight or maybe on the couch???? I know.......... baby steps :)

The picture below was taken tonight. She looks so small and fragile in there all by herself. Also in case your wondering, she has a fatlip but ate a good dinner tonight and played like normal. I gave her some motrin before bed too. Sweet dreams little girl.....

Monday, January 28, 2008

Go Abby!

She just started to walk this morning! I was watching her play and off she went acting like she had been walking all of her life! Look out world, Here comes Abby!!! I am so Proud of my little girl!

We had a busy weekend. Grandad and Meme came up from Florida to see their newest granddaughter. We had a great weekend and were sorry to see them go. Pictures and stories to follow, gotta go chase my little girl :)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Thursday

Well after 2 nights of moderate sleep (last nights patern much like the night before) my daughter has decided not to sleep tonight. Hence the late Thursday post.

Abby continues to blossom each day. I am having such a good tume with her! The days are flying by too. below some pictures :)

Lunch taken with her usual gusto!

The only way she would nap yesterday. She is in her PJ's post after lunch bath with the shivers.


She l;oves her Uncle Pete!

dropping the crib with help from little miss :0

Just plain adorable! Man I love her!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy Wednsday!

I am starting to feel a little more normal. Abby went to sleep around 930 pm and except for a few minor fusses requiring a pat on the back or the replacement of her paci she only woke once for real around 130 am. I changed her diaper and gave her a bottle and she went right back down verses wanting to play for a couple of hours. She slept till 7am this morning. Poor thing is still battling a cold and teething but hanging in there. Below are some various pictures.
Throwing a fit in the first one, I can't remember why :)

Just plain cute!

Ladybug PJ's. I had to stuff her in them :)

My little princess! I got the LV purse knock off in China.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Sissy really wanted to give Abby a bath so Auntie L and her gave Abby one before they left yesterday morning. Sissy is such a good helper and my girl still loves her baths :)

All Clean :)

Dinner last night is when things got interesting! On the menu were Romaine noodles (shrimp flavor), mixed fruit, a blueberry mini muffin, and Gerber vegetable chicken. She got so excited when I gave her the noodles. Couldn't shovel them in fast enough :) Then I added the chicken vegetable and she really chowed down. I wrote that one down cause she liked it so much.

I promise she ate more then what was on her face and hands :)

One happy baby with a full belly :) Bath number 2 happened right after dinner.


We are still figuring out the sleep thing. (I meant to post this yesterday but you know how that goes) The date on my camera is wrong too but I am too tired to change it. Anyhoo, Auntie L, CJ, and Erin spent the night with us last night again! Miss Abigale had her first night out that night as we went to Uncle Hughie's and Aunt Elizabeth's to celebrate my Mom's belated BD and Hughie's belated BD, Elizabeth's Mom's belated BD, and CJ's upcoming BD! Abby had fun (Pictures to come) and fell asleep in my arms right at evenings end. She slept in her car seat and went to bed around 9pm. At 1230 am, yep she was up! Auntie Laurie and Erin stayed up with her and played while I went to back to bed. At 2am I heard her crying and got up and relieved Auntie L. She went to sleep but Erin stayed up and helped me entertain little night owl. Finally around 330 am she went back down and slept til 645 am.

Erin and Abby in her room at ??? AM.
Kitchen fun!A late night snack!
More bedroom play :)

Tired Auntie L

CJ slept through it all (Lucky dog!)

Quackers wondering what is up?

What a trooper and such a great Helper! Thank you Sissy!

The aftermath.....

Thanks Auntie l and CJ and E!!! Once again you came to my rescue! Love you guys!!!! Love the giggle video too :)
P.S. Sorry about all of the typos and misspellings in the last post! I was oh so tired :)
AND THANK YOU also for all of your encouraging comments and confessions in regards to Abby's fall off the bed. You really made me feel better. I am slowly catching up on everybodys blogs too. Sorry I havent commented tho. In due time :)