Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Content with a capital C

A New Years Eve dinner of fish sticks dipped in Catsup, french fries and corn on the cob chased down with diet pepsi (me) and milk (Abba). Now we are sitting on the couch in our PJ's watching "Elmo TV". In a little while we'll read books and then I will tuck my Abba into my bed with me likely soon to follow (if I can't stay up to watch the ball drop that is). I waited so long for her and she is everything I dreamed she would be and SO MUCH more! I love being her Mom. And I love my little girl! Life is good and I can't think of a better New Years Eve celebration :)

Below are my attempts at our last Mama and Abba shots for 2008. I look terrible with what's left of my make up running down my face and someone didn't want to give up up her paci for he pictures. But that's okay cuz this is us. Mama and Abba and I wouldn't have it any other way :)

Happy New Year everyone! May 2009 be great for us all and may this please be the year that the CCAA decides to speed things along. 2 months of log in dates referred in 2008? Nuff said.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day :)

Christmas with my Abba was a lot of fun. She woke me at about 8:20 AM :) then I came out first and turned on the lights, Christmas music, ETC. As evidenced by below she was pretty excited to come out and see if Santa came :)

Amazed :)

Loved her doll house :)

Elmo TV (is what she calls her Elmo movies)

More mega blocks!!!

A baby with a bathtub!!

Wow! Look at my stocking :)

Once we had breakfast and played for a while, I got her ready then myself.

Then on to Meema and Da's. Where her own little kitchen was waiting for her :)

my own puppy and he is bigger then me :)

Cousin Josh :)

Loving my puppy. He is super soft!

Everyone was so generous this year!

Later Da tried to sneak a nap in his study. Little miss decided it was time for him to get up when she found him.

Loving Uncle Pete.

Just having an all around fun day!

Sleepy baby Josh!

Sleepy Abba! NOT :

Just resting her eyes. :)

So we had a nice laid back Christmas this year. I enjoyed it and I know little girl did too. Boy it came fast tho. Below is our Christmas card this year, Yikes! I haven't even mailed it out yet. We kept low this weekend too. Abby is still very congested and her nose is like a faucet. I feel bad sending her to school (day care tomorrow) but she isn't acting like she feels bad, Everyone else there has a runny nose too. We took a 3 hour plus nap this afternoon. Didn't wake up until 6:00 PM! So now it's after 9 and I have a very wide awake little girl. Hopefully I will have her down by 10:00 (fingers crossed). I think the nap did us both good tho.

Finally a little video of My Abba Christmas morning. (sorry it's sideways) And a big shout out to My Cousins Sarah and Kevin on the arrival of Miss Caroline and To cousins Wendy and Patrick plus Ben and Josh on the arrival of Miss Grace :0 And also to Shannon who is home safe and sound with Ellie :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas. We are still recovering. I don't think that I was in bed before 1:00 or 2:00 AM all week before and not til 3:00 AM on Christmas eve. Little girl had a good time despite a bad cold that required frequent nose attacks by tissues (poor thing). I worked Christmas eve but was out of there by about 2:30 PM. Picked up Abby and finished some last minute things before heading over to Meema and Da's. They had a gathering for family and neighbors. Abby had a good time and we stayed way past our goal of 8:00 PM departure time.
She looked so cute in her Christmas outfit :)

A Meema and Abby moment :)

Aunt Annetta and Cousin Josh :)

So anyhoo, we left Meema's pretty late. My plans for reading Christmas stories and putting out cookies and milk for Santa with little girl went out the window since she fell asleep on the way home. Once I had her settled and snug I put out her gifts making sure to leave room for Santa (Sissy). :) I was up til 3:00 getting ready! I decided to start a Christmas tradition of giving her an ornament of her own each year. The ornament would relate to something special to her at that time. She got 2 this year since we were apart last Christmas. The pictures are a little blurry but they speak for them selves :)

She loved them both.

Yep! Santa was here

Her special stocking made with scraps from her 100 Good Wishes Quilt :)

Sleeping angel ! She has no idea what is waiting for her. Stay tuned for Christmas day pictures :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa :)

I decided to take little girl to Yank*ee Candle yesterday (It was on my all things to do Christmas list for her). Right before we left , as you can see below, things were looking a little shaky. She really needed a nap but wouldn't take one before we left. Luckily she had a car nap. It takes about 30 minutes to get there then I sat in the parking lot another 40 minutes while she slept. Not her usual nap length but it helped tho we paid for the shorter nap last night :)

Such a neat place. She loved it like I knew she would.

She loved the "mismas tree lights".

She wanted to sit and just admire :)

Paci still pictured cuz she had just woken up.

Very impressed!

The snow changed colors.

Knocking on the tin soldier.

Santa was also there! (also on my list) She had seen him when he visited the daycare but I missed it. She's not afraid of him but I wouldn't say that he is her favorite person either :)

Showing Santa the train.

She loved the bridge and when it snowed in there (very cool!) It's been so much fun doing all of the things that I had imagined for so long with her :) Through the eyes of your child. There is nothing like it.

Then we went over to Auntie L's where she and Sissy were kind enough to watch her while I ran over to the outlet mall to finish my Christmas shopping. Now I am done!