Friday, January 29, 2010

Waiting for the Snow!

Yay! We are in the pink! I can't wait to play in the snow with Abby! I'm praying the forecast holds. In other news....The closing on my condo was Tuesday :) Also had the home inspection on the new house Tuesday. There are a few issues so we asked the seller to knock some money off of the closing costs to allow for us to fix the issues instead. Just found out a little earlier that he said okay. So waiting on the appraisal results but looks like my dream house is mine. Things are moving right a long so still aiming for February 19Th as my closing date. We are mostly settled at my Mom's now. Abby continues to do well. A little anxiety about her things we packed being there when we unpack and a little sadness on missing the old house but she will love the new one once we are in. As anticipated our cat's are having a harder time with the transition ;(
Now off to find some snow boots for my girl. Hope to post some fun snow pictures soon:)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Deal accepted!

I can't believe it! They took my deal! My dream house is mine. I close February 19Th! Didn't want to post an outside picture but here are a few of the inside :) Below is the office. I'm so excited. My own office. Finally a chance to be organised. I can't wait :)

Very open floor plan which I love. The door to the left of the kitchen leads to the master bath, bedroom. Not pictured but also to the left of the kitchen is a laundry room with cabinets and a closet. Again so excited! Never mind that I don't have a washer or dryer to put in it :) Also through the laundry room is the garage.

Wood floors. The fireplace has gas logs (woot!). The left sliding doors lead to a deck and a fenced in back yard. The yard backs up to a field and there were 2 horses grazing while we were there. Abby is going to love that :)

Gotta buy a fridge too. Plus the place needs painting and new carpet. Hope my tax return is good this year. I have big plans for it :)

On the left are 2 more bedrooms and a full bath. The extra bedroom will be a playroom/ slash guest room.
Busy packing right now The movers come this Friday so we will be staying at my Mom's after that till the new house is ready. I'm exhausted. I have been packing every night after work. It seems endless. I have manage to cram a lot of stuff in this little condo. Abby is doing surprisingly well with all of this. I still don't think she gets it completely. She liked the new house and told me she wants her room to be pink and purple. She is also excited to be closer to her Meema and Da. Well on to pack a few more boxes.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The great house hunt

WOW! We close on my condo on the 26th. The movers come this friday and I haven't started packing yet... Abby and I will be staying at my Mom's until we find a new house. I have to have our stuff stored. I have actually found my dream house and I made an offer yesterday. Now I wait until Monday to find out if they will accept. Their asking a little more then I wanted to pay so fingers crossed they will come down.... Boy this is stressful!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Abby's fish

Abby's teachers in the two's told her they would buy her a fish if she started using the potty. Just when I was ready to give up she finally decided to get serious and do just that. That was back in December and she hasn't stopped since. We have has very few accidents. I would say less then five. She still wears a pull up at night though. She is not always dry in the morning when she wakes. She changes to panties as soon as she gets up. There have been a couple times where I have forgotten to change her to a pull up before she goes to sleep and she did stay dry but don't know if I'm ready to chance it yet. Anyhoo back to her fish. They did get her one. He is a Betta and she named him Fishie :) I have never had a Betta but have to say they really are perky little guys. They have a lot of personality and seem to really look at you and follow your movements. They almost remind me of little puppy's. Okay maybe I have gone to far there but they are quite cute and low maintenance. You just have to keep their water clean and change it every one to two weeks. I always feel sorry for the Betta's I see at W*almart and P*etsmart all cramped in those pitiful little cups. Contrary to popular belief they really don't like that and prefer larger tanks. Ours is 2.5 gallons. So go ahead and save one of the little guys next time your a W*almart or P*etsmart. They always have way to many for sale :( Below are some pictures of Abby and Fishie :) Kind of cool but would have turned out better had I used my better camera.

Giving Fishie a kiss :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Life in the threes

Abby moved up to the three's class at school (day care) last week. It's going better then I expected but she has cried every morning at drop off but one since she moved :( She rebounds quickly as soon as I'm gone and is always happy and fine when I call to check and see how she is. She is also happy as can be when I pick her up so I think she will be fine. Change freaks her out a little bit so I'm sure that is part of it. The classroom she is in is much bigger and has a lot more to do. They have the room sectioned off for different activities. There is a computer section where they get to work on real computers, a library section with comfy spots to lay and read, a puzzle section with Lots of puzzles (I think that is her favorite), a home living section with a big pretend kitchen area (another favorite), An art section filled with art supplies and more. They even have home work to work on during the week and turn in on Fridays. She is really showing more interest and motivation with her letter recognition and numbers too since she moved. Coincidence or not but she has also started throwing things when she is mad during the same week that she moved up. Haven't heard of her doing this at school yet but she definitely chucks things when she is mad at home. Hopefully this phase passes quickly.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

2 years a family!

Has it really been two whole years since this sweet little sunshine and I became a happy family?? And is she really three? In some ways it seems like just yesterday that she was just a little pipsqueak. Now she is a full fledged little girl. My life is so much richer with Abby in it. I'm filled with contentment and a sense that things are as exactly as they should be :) So how did we celebrate our "Happy Family Day"? We took pictures :)

While in China I bought a bunch of tiny little gifts to give Abby on our Happy Family Days. This year she got a Hello Kitty chop stick set.

We had cake :)

We read I Love you like crazy cakes before bed and of course there were lots of HUGS and Kisses, Don't know that she really gets it yet but I know I do! I am still in awe of the gift I received two years ago today and of how lucky I am that I get to be Abby's Mommy! We truly are a Happy Family. Thank you China :)

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Mirror Mirror

Happy New Year to everyone still reading!