Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Still here

We made it through Irene. Thankfully she was not as bad as predicted for our area anyway. Not sure she was truly even a hurricane when she visited. It was windy and it was wet but the damage was really no more then what you would expect around here. Some trees down, some small signs. Lots of limbs and various debris, some local flooding but none for us and really no damage around my house :) We bugged out to my Mom's around 1 PM Saturday when the lights started to flicker pretty regularly. Mom has a generator so they were set. Cousin Josh and sis in law Annetta joined us there as well. Abby enjoyed the sleep over with her cousin. It wasn't even super Windy until around 9PMish. Even then still probably just tropical storm strength. The winds were loud though and enough too make you know that anything stronger would truly be scary. My heart go out to those who were not as lucky as we were....

Tried to get a shot of the tress blowing but didn't catch the affect.

Hurricane face painting :) (Mommy is by no means a professional)

Dinner picnic with cousin Josh at Meemas :)

Looking ugly

Mom and Hugh's Pier under water.

Sunday Am was beautiful! Abby and I went home to check on our house and the kitties around 11 AM. The house was fine. Per out neighbor the power had not gone out until 11PM Saturday night. And besides giving us the silent treatment and refusing to come out and greet us the kitties were fine too. Or neighbor had a generator and was kind enough to plug our fridge in to it so we didn't lose any food. The power came back on later that evening. And Abby and I headed back home.

The day after Irene. A beautiful Sunday morning.

Left over storm surge. Mainly pieces of the neighboring piers. Mom and Hughes thankfully held strong.

Pier boards were scattered up and down the river.

Hard to see but their neighbors lost their steps from the beech to the house.

Was thinking the thick heavy limbs had been blown onto the pier but actually it's more likely that they floated on to it. My parents were living in York County when hurricane Isabel struck 8 years ago. They were hit hard and had a lot of damage. Thankfully not the case this time around at their newer residence and sitting on much higher ground.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Such a wild week so far. First we had this on Tuesday. Totally unheard of in our neck of the woods. I was working on the 4Th floor of my Hospital. Sitting in the doctors lounge at my computer with 2 of my other co worker buds. All of a sudden I felt really strange. It was like I was sitting in a hammock swinging and weightless at the same time. It intensified then settled then intensified again. Probably lasted 30 seconds tops and by the time it was over we were all in the hall with Pt's, visitors and various staff members asking WTH was that???? My first thought was a terrorist attack. But nope it was an earthquake? Really? A 5.9. It was my first quake experience and hopefully my last. I would say my knees shook for about 30 minutes after it was done. And little Miss? She slept through the whole thing. It was nap time at daycare :) We were lucky and had no damage locally. And now it's Friday and Irene is headed our way. I'm up and can't sleep. It won't be as bad as first thought. She has changed so many times. Looks like a weak category one will be felt around here. And most of the stronger effects won't be felt until tomorrow afternoon - evening. We are sure to lose power at some point so Abby and I will head to my Mom's later tomorrow.

And ending on a more positive note. I leave you with a picture of my sweet girl all dressed up for church :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

My little fish!

I'm so proud of my Abba! She has come a long way with her swimming skills this summer. We spend a lot of time in Da and Meema's pool. One of her favorite places to be :)

Lifedog on duty :)

Had to end with another pretty sunset at Meema's.