Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

Playing with Ellie!

Last week we had our week long family vacation. We were in Sandbridge Virginia. While there we were fortunate enough to meet up with Shannon and the beautiful Ellie. Miss Ellie is growing up fast and still keeps her Mommy on her toes. She is also fearless when it comes to the ocean. She and Abby had a great time together and it was great to catch up with Shannon as well. We had a good time comparing notes as single Mommy's and just got caught up in general. We really don't live terribly far apart and need to get together more often :)

So once Ellie arrived the girls played a little while :0

Then they got caught up :) I'm sure they were sharing new Mommy stories.

We fed the girls a little lunch but funny... Shannon and I never ate lunch? Then the real fun began as we headed for the beach :)

We love the beach :)

You can just see the determination :) Must get to the water! Or is it Must eat/throw (sorry Shannon) sand :)

"Mom! I got it." "Honest!"

Beach babies :)

Hmmmm. Sand and water! An awesome mix :)

Salty :)

Pure Bliss! I love it :O

Shhhhhhh. Ellie is listening :)

Digging to China?

Know way! We like it here :)

Got trucks :O

So yep a fun time! And my girl was out like a light once the play date ended for nap time :) Nothing like beach fun and beach air to wear a girl out for a good nap.

We had an awesome vacation and I will post more pictures this week :) For now I'll leave you with some video of the girls beach fun.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yorktown Beach fun!

Friday evening we had a mini playdate. We met Amy, John and Ava for some waterplay fun. And a little later we were joined by Karen, Chuck, Rachel, Kelsey and Morgan for icecream. A good time was had by all. All that is until I committed the mortal sin of throwing Abby's ice cream away. I thought she was done and she pitched a royal fit so the night ended a little rough for us. I can't say I blame her though. It was bedtime and hey I would be mad too if some threw out my ice cream before I was done. (Never mind that she hadn't touched it for at least 20 minutes, or that she had refused any bites I offered her before I ditched it, or that it was all melted.)

We didn't bring any any water toys with us but the kids made due with what we had.

Ava burrito :)

Walking in the sand.

Jelly fish alert! (I think it's a cool shot though)

I didn't think we would have jelly issues until August but there were quite a few.

Another shot of the Coleman bridge. It's a different angle this time since my shots are usually taken from the other end on Mom's side.

Then on to Ben & Jerry's :) Abby and Morgan and Kelsey.

Abby loves Morgan and she is wonderful with the kids.


Lots of from behind shots. The kids were having to much fun to stop and pose.


Dancing queens :)

I love this shot! I totally stole it from Karen. Too cute!

Rachel, Kelsey, Abby, Morgan and Ava :)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Roller Coaster

Abby made this painting at school. The small print up in the right hand corner say's painted to "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" Before I could even ask her she excitedly told me this was a roller coaster. Very cool and the first time she has ever actually put a name to any of her pictures :) She is so much fun these days (and always!). She says the funniest things. Here are a few :)

"No Mom. I'm a kid." Said to me when I asked her if she was Chinese.

I was feeding her dinner (sometimes she wants me to feed her and hold her sippy cup for her). As I went to give her another bite she grabbed the spoon from me and said, "I'll do it. It's Abby's turn" Then she patted my arm and said, "You have to be patient Mommy."

"I'm just looking for something." When I found her standing on the inside of the fridge with the door wide open.

"Let me see the poop." every time I change a poopy diaper.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

4th of July pictures

We had a fun 4th of July. I had a 3 day weekend which is rare for me. Abby's daycare had a family cook out smack in the middle of Friday so I did get to go to that. I left her at daycare afterwards to finish off her day. As expected she was none to happy about that plan but she made it. I haven't had a day to myself in forever so what did I do? I purged my house. Got rid of each and everything that we didn't need and took it all to good will. While not fun it was still a good feeling. My condo continues to shrink these days so what ever room I can free up is awesome.

On Saturday Abby and I were up and out early to the Mal hoping to catch some sales. We did a little bit but the deals could have been better. As is now par for the course Abby scored the new items that day. (She is way more fun to buy for then me anyways)

Our 4th of July celebration took place at a cookout given by Aunt Elizabeth's parents. They live smack on the York River and right across the river from where the Yorktown fireworks are set off. After a good dinner we all set up camp on the banks of the river and waited for the show. We had a great view and because they were set off across the river from us they weren't to loud. Abby probably thought they were never going to start but once they did she liked them. The show was probably 20 to 30 minutes though so her interest kind of dwindled at the end. She did a lot of seat hopping. Once they were done it was almost 10 PM so we headed out only to sit in traffic. It took us an hour and 10 minutes for what usually is a 15 min or so ride home. Oh well. Totally worth it cuz we had a great time. Best of all we had Sissy (my niece) come home with us. Sissy got up with Abby this morning and fed her and kept her entertained while I SLEPT IN!!!!! I haven't slept in for almost a year. Today I slept till almost 11 AM. Sissy I really owe you one. It was AWESOME!!!! Sissy spent the day with us today as well. It was rainy so we stayed in but she and Abby had a blast. Sissy Abby asked for you all evening tonight :) Thank You!!! We love you :) Now enjoy the pictures :) First up is the very festive Cousin Josh.

Cup Cakes!!!!
Loving her cupcake :)

Cupcakes make me silly :)


Boats gathering to watch the fireworks.

Josh checking out the boats.

Abby checking out the boats.

Lots of blurry pictures. Sorry!

Waiting for the fireworks with Meema.

Power nap?


Uncle Pete, Annetta and Josh.

Sissy and Uncle Hughie and Da.

Abba. Still waiting for fireworks.

Finally! (Fireworks are sure hard to catch on film)


Happy Birthday America!!!