Monday, June 04, 2012

Fairy Garden

Mommy learned about this Fairy Garden Contest on this cool blog The Magic Onions.

I just knew we had to make one. My girl is all about fairies :) It has been a work in progress an the pictures are out of order. Blogger seems to have changed while Mommy was away. Below the finished product!

 We even added a little light so the fairies could continue to have fun after dark :)

 We love the little cubby. The moss layer makes it a soft perfect place for a fairy or two to take a nap :)

We made sure to include a magic pond so the fairies could take a little dip :)

 Or if they want the fairies can have a seat at the toadstool table and catch up on their fairy gossip.

 Abby watching for fairies :) They are fast you know!

And below is how it all began. We started with the green container but quickly realised it would be too small. We borrowed the moss from the woods behind our house.

Making our Fairy hideaway :)

Bubble intermission :)

Pretty blue rocks for the magic pond.

Filling the pond and misting the  moss :)

Abby made the little sign. It said Welcome Fairies. Unfortunately it did not hold up to well so we later switched to a shell As seen above).

 Done for now and time for a Fairy Road Test :)

Think they like it!

Abby and I had a lot of fun making our Fairy Garden. It remains a work in progress as we continue to find things to add to it :)  Go check out all of the other cool Fairy Gardens over at The Magic Onions Blog.