Friday, September 26, 2008


I'm looking for Christmas present ideas for Abby. She will be two by then. Any suggestions on what your recently turned two year old loved to play with then?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another sick day.

So little girl is still under the weather. I kept her out of daycare Monday and let her spend the day with Meema. Tuesday she went back and had a great day. Yesterday was good too but her nose was running again. I thought she was sounding a little hoarse as well. I didn't think much of it tho since we have had a weather change. YAY!!! Fall has finally arrived ;0. So anyhoo I took her to get her hair cut after daycare yesterday. She was pretty fussy, wouldn't sit in the chair alone, had to sit in my lap. We got it done tho and she looks cute although they did take away a lot of her length. Oh well, I know it will grow fast. I was strong though and only let them trim her bangs. Were getting to all one length ever so slowly. Below are some pictures of her this morning before school. The rest are from last night after her hair cut.

You can see the difference. She loves this baby Shannon :)

Look how long my bangs are getting.

Dolly hugs :)

These were after her bath. She let me blow her hair dry. If you look closely you can still see the remenants of her rash.

She doesn't look sick here does she?

I like this picture. Look at all of the pretty colors in her hair.

And this one :)

So on to the latest bug now. Last night before bed she continued to sound hoarse and congested.

I had the VIX waterless vaporizer going and a vix plug in. I had her in bed with me. I noticed while I was waiting for her to go to sleep that she was monster breathing. (Ie congestion). She woke up around 2:30 crying for milk. We got up to get some then she wanted to rock. As we rocked and I listened to her breath I knew I would not be going to work today. This morning I awoke to a little furnace in my bed. She was hot to the touch and her cheeks were red. I went ahead and called out at work and when she woke she sounded awful. The monster breathing was pretty continuous now but she didn't look like she was having difficulty getting any air thank goodness. I took her temp orally and she pulled it out at 102. She was pretty lethargic too. We waited till 8:oo for the doctors office to open then called. Interesting, if you ever want to get in quick just mention strider. As soon as I mentioned that I was told to bring her in NOW! (mind you I did try after that to tell them she didn't seem to be having trouble getting any air). So we get there and wait a short while then were seen. Her lungs and ears were clear. It is all upper airway. They didn't think it was strep. Turns out my baby has the croup. Poor thing! She didn't have a cough but other wise it was pretty classic. Her temp was down to 101 (I gave her motrin before we left). I had them check out the reminants of her rash too. They weren't sure what it was either... So we got a prescription for steroids and were on our way. Did I mention that it couldn't of been a crappier day for her to be sick and out in the weather? This tropical, sub tropical, extra tropical what ever it is was right on top[ of us. Lots of rain, gusty winds. Just plain yuck! The rest of our day was quiet. She just laid on me alot. She continues to sound terrible and now is starting to have the barking cough and has been feverish off and on all day.. She took her nap today with the humidifier right next to her bed. Tonight we will spend some time with the shower running too. It's scary cuz it sounds like her throat is going to close up at anytime. Unfortunately I don't think I will be working tomorrow either. This is really the sickest she has been since I have had her and I think I need to be there for her. Right???

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thanks :)

Thank you everyone! I'm still not sure what it is but I'm thinking Fifths Disease???? I have heard of at least one case at another daycare. On Sunday she did look like she had slapped cheeks and she had the upper respiratory thing going on prior to the rash starting too (almost gone by the way). It goes from the trunk to the extremities which is kind of what hers did minus her face? It isn't usually itchy but can be. Hers definitely was and still is. They look like little dry red pimples. She isn't acting sick either but was a little puny last week so who knows.

I'm not thinking it was the zithromax cuz the rash was already starting before that. Bed bugs? Don't think so either cuz I would think that I would have bites too. Plus I asked (daycare) and they said there had not been any other reports of rashes. She will be going to daycare today. I kept her out yesterday. She is acting fine and was yesterday too.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Lots of pictures here because they are such poor quality I'm hoping Uncle Chris (MD) can see something from them. I think Abby might have the chicken pox. Opinions welcome! A little back round..... She, as I previously posted , has had a snotty cold for over a week. I took her to the Doctor on Thursday and they put her on a kiddy Z pack. So on Friday my Mom kept her. When I picked her up that afternoon it looked like she had been attacked by a flock of mosquito's. She had at least 5 bites over her left temple area/forehead and the one you see below next to her eye. She was scratching away. I fussed at my Mom for not putting any bug spray on her then didn't think anymore about them. That night I found 2 more bites on her left shoulder and 3 bites on her chest when I bathed her. Still not thinking much about them. That night I turned off the air and opened all the windows. This morning she was still scratching but I didn't see anything new. Awhile late I noticed she was scratching at her leg. Low and behold 3 more bites. I'm thinking great there must be a hole in one of my screens and another mosquito got her. I closed all the windows and turned the air back on. Fast forward to this afternoon and I'm finding more, mostly on her stomach and back. Now tonight they are on her left arm, armpit, more on her legs and her right hip. I counted 30 alone on her stomach and left arm. They are red, some look clear tho and maybe a little red around the edges, some look like pimples. I googled chicken pox but I just don't know..... Plus I'm pretty sure she had the vaccine. I read it's only 70 to 90% effective. I haven't heard of it being around at daycare or anywhere for that matter. Plus she spent some time with her cousin Josh who is less then a year old! She isn't acting sick either as evidenced by the video at the end of this post. her appetite has not been up to par but I attributed it to her cold. Maybe a little clingy tonight but I thought she was tired. tonight I gave her motrin, her zithromax, and some benadryl. Poor thing was scratching away until she fell asleep. I'm wondering if she could have a mild case since she had the vaccine and that's why she isn't acting like she feels bad. She hasn't had a fever either tho I hadn't officially checked.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

First picture day ;)

Today was picture day at school. My camera battery died before we left this morning so I wasn't able to take any pictures. I took these tonight when we first got home. Surprisingly she was still neat and clean. Usually after a day at daycare her outfit is pretty trashed. They don't use bibs there :( She really wasn't in the mood to pose.

It took a little persuading.

And of course some warm up jumps always help.

My jumping bean :)

All right already! Take the darn picture MOM.

Only one. I am busy eating my chip.

Good Grief Mom! Don't you ever give up???

Your done right?

I know! I'll strip off this cuteness. Surely the pictures will stop then.

First my shoes just have to go. Especially since Mama took out the squeakers before I went to school. How does she know my teachers won't appreciate my walking squeaks?

Gotta loose this bow but I still got my chip :)

One sock.....

Two socks!

Now it's time for some serious rocking. But nope, I'm not falling for your camera.

Well maybe I will. Mama says I look adorable :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Sunday :)

First off, THANKS to everybody for all of your supportive comments in regards to the paci (Or "papa" as Abby calles it). I know she won't still be sucking on it when she goes to college so until then we will just continue to work on slowky phasing it out.

Abby and I got up and out early yesterday. They had a "Mothers of Multiples" sale and I was hoping we might score some good deals. We got there at 9:00 and it started at 8:00. Lesson learned. By 9:00 all the good stuff was gone. So we ventured over to one of my favorite children's consignment stores and found some good stuff there. Abby is really into shoes. We found two pairs of Barbie dress up shoes there waiting to be purchased.

And some Mama's shoes pictures too. Just cuz I think they are cute :)

Thought this last shoe was gone for good. We lost a sandal last weekend while trying to find D batteries in prep for Hanna's impending arrival. It was in Krogers parking lot. After the storm passed I thought for sure somebody would have picked it up and turned it in. We asked but no such luck. So a week later we asked again. This time a cashier mentioned that she had seen the sandal in the parking lot sitting on a lamp post. Sure enough it was still there. A week later through a tropical storm and it still lights up :)

I just put little Miss down for a nap and she went willingly. Poor baby is battling her 3rd (or is it 4Th?) cold since starting day care. Just wondering. Do any of you out there give your toddlers vitamins? And if so which ones? I'm thinking of getting some for her. Maybe they will boost her immunity to all of those nasty critters?

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I haven't forgotten and I never will. May they all rest in peace and may that terrible day never be repeated.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

8 Months Today

Our forever family day was 8 months ago today. Time is moving at warp speed it seems. I can't believe she has been with me for over half a year. And she will be 2 in a couple of months????