Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

A glimpse of the future?

Little Miss Abba talking on the phone to one of her most favorite people in the world. Her Meema :) Just a little glimpse of whats to come once she is older and on the phone with her friends!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Checking in :)

Abby P is doing just wonderfully in her Kindergarten class. She jumped right in and acts as if she has always been there :) After the first week or so Mommy decided she likes it too. I am very impressed with all of the learning going on there. And not just in the Kindergarten class but I see it in the younger classes too. My little sponge is just soaking it all up! Here she is below in her extra small Tee shirt from Mommy's hospital and ready for the Heart Walk.

And a back view too :) We are growing out her hair including her bangs. So far so good. And back to Kindegarten. Abby has Gymnastics at Kindergarten on Mondays and Music on Fridays at Kindergarten. Plus they will soon start going to the Library on Thursdays where she will get her very own library card and get to check out her own library books each week. On top of that she is also back in Ballet again and goes Tuesday evenings after school. My girl has a busy week and is sleeping well at night (as is Mommy). The no nap day took some getting used to and she is still tired at night but making it through.

Abby did great on the heart walk although I'm sure it was a little rough on her riding in the stroller and all :) She also got her face painted and thought that was pretty cool!

Even slept with it on that night :)

After the Heart Walk we headed over to the Farmers Market / Fall Festival over at Yorktown Beach. We met cousin Josh there and good times were had rolling down the hills on what was once part of the Yorktown Battlefield.

Good times for sure :)

A nice beautiful fall day too. Now if it would just quit ping ponging up and down with the temps!

I had an extra set of clothes for her after the walk but she refused to change.

Blurry but cute!

I just can't believe my little Abba will be 5 next month! We are busy planning her Birthday Party:) She is excited about Halloween coming as well. She will be a Mermaid this year. Mommy spent way too much money on her costume but boy will she be cute!

Life is good :)