Tuesday, September 06, 2011

New School Days

My Abba started a new school/ child care center today. It was a tough decision for Mommy, She had been at her prior child care center since she was around 19 or 20 months old. We loved it there and I felt really comfortable with her there. Unfortunately though per her late BD (November 13th) she missed the cut off for kindergarten this year. So if she had stayed at the prior child care center she would have had to repeat the pre K class. I was worried she might be Bored if she had to repeat. Plus almost all her buddies were leaving for Kindergarten this year anyway. So I found a child care center that offers half day morning Kindergarten. In the afternoon it changes to 5K straight child care. Abby and I checked it out and she has been excited to move there. Mommy on the other hand is having a much harder time with the change. It's just not what I'm a used too. She did have a good day but was exhausted when I picked her up. They don't nap in the Kindergarten class. She doesn't nap at home either but did at her old child care center. She knew she was tired and admitted she missed napping today. And overall I just don't have that good secure feeling yet about the new place. It's a good place so don't get me wrong. I also have several friends whose children attend and they have been very pleased with the program.... Anyhoo I will give it a chance. But I admit it. It's only the first day and I miss the other center :( I will give it a chance though. Time will tell if my gut is right or wrong.

Should add that I am SUPER proud of my girl who handled the change like a champ :) How I love her!!