Sunday, March 30, 2008

3 Words

I missed last weeks 3 words Sunday but am back on track today.

Yep, tomorrow is the day. I don't know where the time went. 3 months passed just like that! I can't believe the changes in my little girl. I am so glad that I was able to have this time with her. It has totally been worth it despite the increased debt that I acquired by working the last month with no income coming in. I considered going back a month earlier but I was unable to leave my girl. And as it was pointed out to me, I will never have this time with her again or this length of time off from work again. I feel very bonded with her. She knows that I am her Mommy. I'm no expert in attachment and I'm sure that we have further to go but I believe we have at least built a strong foundation to build on. This week she has started giving me spontaneous hugs and patting me on the back. The kisses have been coming for a while :) She is very opinionated and I love that she feels comfortable enough to fight for what she wants. (Although she doesn't always win). She has come so far in these short almost 3 months. She knows multiple words and signs and is very good at getting her point across. It has been so much fun to experience her many firsts with her and I look foreword to experiencing many more. My life is so much better because of her and she has made my entire family better as well. How can one little being touch so many? She does it well. It just takes my breath away, the love that I feel for her. I thank God and China for her every day. To me there is absolutely no doubt that God has a plan for everyone :)

Just look at this tiny little scared person on the first day that I met her......

And now at the little giggle poo that she has become :)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Virginia Living Museum

Here's My little bit yesterday morning. She fell asleep on the floor while I was on the computer. One minute she was playing and the next she was out. Guess she can put herself to sleep when she wants to.

So I'm in the dining area of my tiny condo and Abby is in the den area. Its all one room. I hear Ma and I look over and see this! She was so proud of herself. In true blogger fashion I grabbed a picture then quickly told her no and got her down. Now she keeps trying to stand up on it. The rocker may have to go bye bye for a little while.

Finally some real spring time weather. It got up to 72 so I put a dress on her :)

"Please Mom! No more pictures."

Look closely. I had her hair pulled up paint brush fashion for the first time :) It was no small task to get it that way. She let me snap about 10 pictures and then.... Yep she pulled it out'

I love this picture :)

We joined the Virginia Living Museum this week. Its right down the road. She loves to see all of the fish.

Looking for turtles which is her newest word by the way :)

Checking out her shadow. It was the cutest thing. She kept running and stepping on it.

Taking a breather.

Stay tuned for my back to work post. Yep Monday is the day :(:(:(

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


It's been a few days. I have been too tired/busy to post. Abby had a good first Easter albeit she was a little cranky for lunch due to a missed nap. Lot's of pictures now of the day before and of Easter Sunday. First up below is my Niece Erin way back when :) She is wearing the same overalls that Abby sported the day before Easter. If you look closely her overalls have little bunny's on them.

Mommy was trying several bows out :)

The night before in my Easter PJ's. I'm all ready for the Easter Bunny :)

Abby's first Easter basket :) The Easter bunny gave her some new touch and feel books, a Baby Einstien video, some flash cards (also touch and feel), a new ball, bunny snow globe ball, some bracelets, a chick that chirps, and a cookie. Also some cute plastic eggs and a butterfly balloon.

Her first glimpse of her Easter basket.

So excited :)

Okay so I got her the Leap Frog table too. It was on sale. Note that she is already munching on her cookie :0

We had lunch with our family at the Lodge in Colonial Williamsburg. Abby wasn't to sure about the Easter Bunny. She wouldn't go up to him and kept shaking her head no.

A terrible picture of me but doesn't Abby look pretty in the dress Meema made her :)

Pooh came to our table and made balloons for the kids

Watching Chase.

All tuckered out.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Rocker

Me in my rocker. I am thinking that I was about Abby's age there? Now here's Abby in the same rocker approximately 38 years or so later :)