Friday, July 25, 2008


Just checking in. Sorry for the lack of postings. We are busy finding our groove and frankly I think we are slowly getting there. New job is still going great. I like it. Abby is adjusting to daycare slowly. She had 3 great days this week, still tears as I dropped her off but was very happy when I picked her up. She did so well that instead of letting my Mom keep her Thurs and Fri I sent her to daycare since they had a drop in spot both those days. This mornings drop off was the best yet. Her eyes teared up but she went to her teacher and never actually cried. Granted she didn't look happy but baby steps. She is now eating pretty regularly what they give her there too :) She continues to nap well. I'm so proud of her!!! My favorite part of the day is when I pick her up. She lights up when she sees me and starts giggling and jumping up and down then runs to me:) Good stuff! I also took her to the doctors. he said the 2 lumps were swollen glands and would probably be there a while as a result of the tick bite and complicated by the daycare crud that she picked up. He put her on zithromax for the yellow snot and she is so much better now. I no longer have to wrestle her down on a regular basis to wipe her nose.

I'll leave ya with some catch up pictures. She is growing up so fast! Forgot to add that her weight at the doctors was up to 24 pounds!!

Fun at Uncle Petes and Annettas! Playing with my cousin Josh.

What a big boy:)

Striken a pose :)

Abby's first 4th of July. (I had just spilled a drink on her)

First fire works! They really didn't hold her attention. She was more interested in mingling.

Our own personal bath monitor.

Water play!

I love that little bum in the air:)


My Abba (that is what she calls her self :)

Walking in Mommy's slippers.

So sweet.

First artwork brought home from daycare! AWWWWWW:)

Hope everyone has a great weekend :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day care bugs:(

Missy Girl has a full blown summer cold compliments of day care. It started last Monday and is still going strong. Lots of snot! I swear it's a river and I can't keep up with it. She is not sneezing or coughing any more and no temps but she is just so stuffed up. She sounds like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I'm guessing my turn is coming. She also still has those 2 little lumps on the back of her head and a tiny bump on the top of her head where the tick bite was. This after being on Keflex after a week. I am going to call her Pediatricians office tomorrow.

Day care again tomorrow..... I think I dread it more then she does. We made it thru last week. She definitely does better in the afternoon after her nap. I'm hoping that she does better tomorrow. (Fingers crossed) My new job is going well. I am still adjusting to 5 day work weeks but I am loving spending the late afternoons and evenings with my girl :)

Forgot to add that per the picture above, This is how I found her after a too quiet period while I was in her room putting clothes away.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


2 days of daycare down, 1 more to go this week. Yesterday began as I expected. She walked in on her own but wanted me to hold her once we reached her classroom. She cried hard and reached and clawed for me when I left. I did okay, I didn't cry, I was hopeful that she would settle down. I called 30 min later to check on her and they said she was no longer crying and doing okay. She did not eat or drink the breakfast they gave her but did drink the juice that I sent in with her in her own sippy cup. I fed her that morning before we left. I was afraid she would be upset and not eat otherwise. For lunch she had a cup of apple sauce and 1 chicken nugget. She refused the milk they gave her but finished the rest of her juice in her sippy. She did eat all of her mid afternoon snack. It bugs me tho cuz this daycare is big on having the older toddlers drink from a regular cup. They give them 2 weeks with their sippy then they have to switch. The kids drink from little dixie cups. I suggested they give her a regular cup with water to practice but also give her the sippy since she would hardly get any fluids otherwise. We have been practicing at home too.Poor thing is always thirsty when I pick her up. I have juice ready for her and she chugs the whole cup immediately and asks for more. She is napping well there tho. I was surprised she was able to sleep on the mat by her self but she did. This morning's drop off was terrible. She refused to walk in by her self, kept shaking her head no so I carried her in, while I was talking to her teacher I looked down at her and her little lips were quivering and she was crying silent tears. I lost it then. (silent tears are worse then loud crying in my book) I gave her to her teacher and again she cried, reached for me and called me. I left in tears. I called 15 minutes later and they said she had stopped crying and was getting ready for breakfast. I had fed her already again just in case tho and again she really did not eat. On top of it all she woke up this morning all congested and has a little cough. I gave her some dimatap before I brought her in and asked them to give her Motrin at 9am and 3 pm. She also has 2 little swollen lumps on the back of her head. My brother in law (MD) looked at them and said they were swollen lymph nodes from a earlier tick bite that we pulled off the top of her head on the 4th of July. We started her on antibiotics the day he looked at her (Sat Nite) They can be painful (the swollen lymph nodes) so that's why I wanted her to get the Motrin. Anyhoo, lunch today went better, she refused their fruit but ate half of a roll and half of the spaghetti (SP) they gave her, napped well and ate all of her afternoon snack and drank some milk! They say she is fussy on & off in the morning but does much better in the afternoon after her nap. This is hard!!!! After I picked her up tonight (I peaked first and she was sitting on her teachers lap doing a puzzle) and took her to the City Center over near her day care, she ran around the fountains and climbed the steps and had a good time. She ate well tonight too. After her bath tho and all she wanted to do was sit in my lap, she did for 2 hrs while we watched Baby Einstein videos till she fell asleep in my lap. Tomorrow I am packing a lunch for her and also sending in extra juice. That we if she doesn't eat what they give her then they can give her mine. I also plan to talk with them about the sippy. I don't think 2 weeks will be enough time for her to change to a regular cup. She is already experiencing enough stress with the daycare transition and does not need any extra stress. I also don't think she is getting enough fluids in her while there. I hope they will agree with me....

Sorry this post got so long but it felt good to unload my concerns. Please pray for my baby that she has a good day tomorrow.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

First Haircut

I am behind in my posts. I wanted to post these pictures and video of Abby's first haircut. She did really well. No tears! The place I took her to catered to kids. Check out the chick with the blue hair and nail polish. Some how I'm thinking this look was not just for the kids :)

Looks like she is saying, "You know what your doing right?"

This place had a cute little "My first haircut" package. It included a picture and a lock of hair.

Abby's hair is so many different lengths. Basically I just asked them to even out the ends. She has a cute little bob when she lets me fix it it. Otherwise you really can't tell. I decided to go the no bangs route for now... Day care lost her hair bow that first day tho, I don't want to keep loosing them so I may change my mind just to keep her hair out of her eyes.

All done with a Congratulatory Lolly:)

Below is a little video.

We have to do the day care thing again tomorrow (SIGH). Poor baby, she starts all over again. My new job is going well. I like it. You really see a different side of patient care tho. I can understand why the physicians get so frustrated with the patients insurance companies. It is a busy job to. No real down time but it is also pretty flexible. Several of the people that I have shadowed have adjusted their hours to accommodate their children. I like that they will let you do that.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Day Care Progress

We made it through our first full day! It was rough on us both. Thank you do much for all of the great advice, good wishes and encouragement. I know I could count on you all to make me feel better. Meema brought her back yesterday for another practice session for 2 hrs in the afternoon. She told Abby bye and that I would be back to get her then went and sat in the hall. Of course Abby cried. (Meema did too) She actually fell asleep in the teachers arms while crying. Poor thing was all out of sorts. They laid her down on one of the sleeping mats and she slept for 30n minutes. Once she woke up they said she did fine. They did let her keep her Paci and juice cup. She was happy to see me when I picked her up.This morning the drama began. I let her sleep till 715 figuring that the least tired she was the better she would handle things. I dressed her, took some pictures and got her to drink a yogurt drink (just in case she wouldn't eat breakfast there.) then we left and got there around 755. She walked in and there were 4 other kids there already eating cereal at a table. She signed and said eat so I got her settled and talked with her teachers while she ate. I had to leave to fill out a med authorisation form so they could give her Motrin for her teeth.I told her I would be right back and while I was out there she started to wail loudly. I went back and picked her up and she stopped but I started. I was trying to tell her she would be fine and that Mama always comes back but my lips were quivering and I didn't want her to see and get upset. so I did what you all said and hugged and kissed her goodbye and gave her to her teacher. It was awful, she was reaching for me and clawing to get at me. I left in tears, got to work and waited 30 min to call and check on her. They said she had stopped crying but was still clinging to her teacher. I called again 90 min later and they said she was playing and dancing with music time. I told them I would call back in the middle of nap time. I wasn't sure how she would do sleeping on a mat. When I did, they said she was just waking up. Had slept 1 hr and 15 minutes and also ate a good lunch pre nap. I didn't call again. I picked her up at 430 and they said she was a little fussy that afternoon. Her main teacher (the one she had attached to)got off at 330 and she cried when she left. When I got there I watched for a few minutes and she was playing and seemed fine. She was very happy to see me tho:) Tonight tho tired she seemed fine. She ate a great dinner and was not fussy at all. After dinner she ran around yelling mine, mine to herself. I think this was her way of reassuring herself that she was indeed home. So all in all it could have been worse. Now she doesn't go back until Monday. Unfortunately we will probably be starting all over..... At least next week she goes Mon, Tues and Wed. More consistency and I'm sure she will grow to like it. I'll leave you with pictures of my baby this morning before we left. The potty pictures were actually taken after we got home tonight tho. I got the potty out so she can start getting used to it.

One tired little girl this evening after dinner and a bath.

Monday, July 07, 2008


Today is our 6 month anniversary of our Forever Family day. I was going to do a post about this very special and unforgettable day but I need to get my worries off my chest instead.

We finally got a spot at the daycare offered by my job. Abby and I went there this past Friday for about an hour. She charmed the place and made her self at home. Course I was there.... This week I started my new job. I can't bring her myself for anymore transition periods so my Mom will do it for me. Today Mom took her in this afternoon for another transition period while I worked. They arrived just after nap time was over. Abby did okay but Meema was there...... They stayed a couple hours. Tomorrow afternoon my Mom is taking her back again for the afternoon. This time she will tell her bye then stay out in the hall out of Abby's sight to see how she does on her own for the afternoon. I will meet them after work to pick Abby up. then on Wednesday Abby will go the full day all by herself........... GULP!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a lump in my throat just thinking about it and my eyes are tearing up as I type this. This is HARD!! I feel silly for carrying on like this. I feel sick to my stomach and have an ache in my heart that I can only liken to how you feel when you are homesick. My baby has been through so much in her short little life and I don't want to put her through anymore stress. I know there are many of you out there who have been where I am right now too. I know things turned out okay. I just wish I felt better about it. Please does anyone have any ideas on how I can make this transition easier on both of us?

Sunday, July 06, 2008

6 months today

6 months ago today my dreams came true. It breaks my heart to see how tiny and afraid my baby was that day. Thank you Abby for being my dream come true. Your strength and courage continues to amaze me every day. My world is brighter with you in it. I love you little girl!!!
Love you always and forever Bumbum :) Mommie

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Playdate fun.

We had a recent play date with Lilly last week. The girls had a good time together and it was fun to see them actually interact verses parallel play. Here they are in Lilly's art/craft studio. It's an awesome set up that Lilly's Mom had created out of part of her unattached garage behind her house. I am very envious. Carrie got the girls set up and organized for painting while I went and got my camera.

I swear Carrie, you could have been a kindergarten teacher:) The girls looked so cute sitting at the table in their smocks.

Painting away. She actually had more fun with the water cup then the paint. Abby had such fun. I realised that day that I need to let my girl get dirty sometimes. I'm pretty anal about that. We rarely go through more then one outfit a day.

More art fun.

She loved Lilly's little table and chairs :)

Pondering her next masterpiece?

First experience with sidewalk chalk. She liked it.

Fun stuff:)

My sweet girl.
Sweet little Lilly taking a break. Isn't she adorable:)

Helping a sista out:)

Driveway play.

Heading back inside. (Carries house is so cute!)

I love this one:)

"Look, You have your people call my people and we can do this again soon!" :)

Goodbye hugs.

Thanks Carrie and Lilly! We had a great time and can't wait to get together again:)