Monday, April 27, 2009

FCC Playdate :)

This past Saturday, Abby and I attending our first FCC playgroup. Amy (Ava's Mommy) was kind enough to think of us. I'm so glad she did., We went to a place called Blue Bird Gap Farm. There were 7 families there. We got to meet Elizabeth and her Mommy (I have followed their blog for a while) and Shannon and Ellie came too. Check out how much Miss Ellie has grown.

The kids loved it although I didn't get to many pictures. The kids were in all directions at once, I did manage a few though, What a great place! We will definitely be back. What a nice group of new friends as well :) **(Sharp viewers may notice that Abby's shoes are on the wrong feet. Yep she put them on her self :) "Abby Do It" :)

Shannon and Ellie came :) Ellie has changed so much. She is not just walking but running! She keeps her mama on her toes and is a little cutie.

My pretty Abba :)

Checking out the deer with Ellie.

Sweet little Elizabeth sharing her animal food with Abby.

Abby and Ellie hugs :)

Feeding the goats.

Abby was all about the swings. That was the main thing she wanted to do. She kept going back to them and in the end I had to pry her off em.

The playground there was great. Everything was perfectly proportioned for Abby and she needed very little help. Just her speed as she is big time in the "Abby do it" phase at the moment.

Amy and Ava :)

Sweet little Ellie :_

Red couch shot at the farm :)

We had a great time. Thank you Amy for inviting us. Thank you Shannon for coming :) We stayed a couple of hours. Course this was the weekend summer arrived. 90's and hot Sat and Sunday. After the playdate Amy, John and Ava, Shannon and Ellie and Abby and I decided to eat lunch at Cracker Bar*el. No pictures though :( Oh and who knew? Cracker Bar*el has the cutest kids clothes. I was good but there was a certain sunflower dress that I can't stop thinking about. I may have to go back :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Emma Update and Thank You **Updated***

Just added this sweet picture my Mom sent of Emma and Big brother Josh. :)

Thanks to everyone for your advice and encouraging supportive comments regarding the Daddy question. I have ordered several books on the subject too so that she will better understand our family situation. She hasn't brought the subject up since but I know we will revisit it again and I want to be ready.

Now for Emma Rose. She turns 3 weeks old today! She had her 3 week checkup yesterday. Little girl is up to 5.2 pounds and has grown 2 inches! Her vital signs remain perfect and her oxygen saturation was 100% on room air!!! Her lungs are also still clear. This little girl is simply amazing :) She might have a little viral infection as evidenced by some nasal drainage so please continue to send out your thoughts, prayers and good wishes for her. They are definitely helping as her parents and her family continue to be blessed with this precious gift of her and time.
**UPDATE** I just got off of the phone with my brother. The home health nurse heard some fluid in Emma's left lung this morning. She also thought she might be breathing a little harder. She was started on lasix (diuretic) today. I'm praying extra hard for her now.....

Monday, April 20, 2009

And there it was..

It was bound to happen and I knew this going into Abby's adoption as a single. What I didn't know was how much it was going to hurt when it finally did happen. Abby will be two and a half next month. I didn't foresee this happening quite so soon. I know. I'm naive. We were on our way to school this morning and out of the blue I hear from the back seat, "Where is Abby's Daddy?" GULP!! I felt a knot in my throat and I teared up but quickly told her that we didn't have a Daddy. I went on to say that Abby has a Uncle Pete, Uncle Chris, Da , Uncle Hootie (Hughie), Uncle Trey and Grandad. And how lucky she was and she agreed with a "Yeah" then started talking about something else. We were late so I didn't have much time to think about it but after I picked her up as we were driving home there it was again. She kind of mumbled it quietly this time. I told her that not everybody has a Daddy. I told her that some people only had a Mommy. She said, "Yeah" then started naming some of her classmates and talking about their Mommy's and Daddy's. Then the conversation changed. Then tonight as we were laying in bed there it was again. "Where is Abby's Daddy?" I teared up again but answered as before. We started talking about her classmates and she would name who did and didn't have a Daddy. I'm guessing by who she See's come pick them up? We again talked about how some people have Mommy's and Daddy's and some only have Mommy's or Daddy's. She seemed to except this but then repeated again, "Where is Abby's Daddy?" I always thought going in to this adoption that my being her Mommy would be good enough. Sure I hoped and still do that Mr Right would eventually turn up and sweep us both away on his white horse. And if he didn't we would still be okay because I love her so much. That all changed after I met her though. The Daddy thing has been my biggest guilt since having her at home. She is just so wonderful and I think she deserves nothing but the best. To me the best includes a Daddy. I breaks my heart that I can't give her that. I can't imagine what has been going on inside her sweet little head. I wonder what triggered her to ask 3 times in one day and why today???? I'm open to any suggestions on how to handle this. Especially any age appropriate books on this sensitive subject. I just love her so much and I want her to grow up secure and confidant . And like I said. I knew the issue was bound to surface but I really thought it wouldn't be until she was a little older.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter and Emma Update

Abby had a great second Easter. Had to post the first two pictures taken of her last year about this time. I can't believe how much she has changed. Dear Gawd she was cute!!! Still is :)

She had her Easter party at school last Friday so we dressed for the occasion :)

Striking a pose :)

We colored our Easter eggs in Saturday night. (she was too little last year)

I just grit my teeth and let her go once the area was fully protected of course.

She had a great time :)

Grandma Meme made the ladybug drop cloth for us. Excellent gift and so handy!

The aftermath! Luckily it washed off.

The Easter bunny was here :)

Easter Morning :) She really didn't get the whole Easter bunny thing but hey fun loot is welcome anytime in her book :)

I'm a little sad that we never made it to the mall to visit the actual Easter bunny though.

It was pretty chilly for Easter this year. We had to rethink our attire. Originally had a sleeveless dress planned. You just never know around here. Below all ready and headed out for Easter Brunch.

Meema and Da's house. Boy the hat totally hid half of her face. Wish I had figured it out when I was taking pictures.

A little better :)

Running up to get Meema :)

Anyone home?
She loves her meema :)

Pretty girl.

Blowing bubbles after brunch :)

Here is princess Emma Rose on her first Easter. Little one will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. This special little girl continues to amaze us! She had her 2 week check up today and is back to her original birth weight. Her oxygen sats are 99% on room air and her lungs remain clear. She is also tolerating her feedings well. Her Mommy and Daddy and big brother Josh are also doing well and settling into a routine. Thank you each and everyone of you for sending out your prayers and good wishes for them all. Please keep them coming!!!!!!

Such a beautiful and delicate little princess. And so very loved!

Precious girl :)

Big Brother Joshua :) 100% ALL boy :)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

1 week old today!

Happy 1 week sweet Emma Rose! We all love you so much and we are so proud of you!!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

She is just amazing!

Look who got to come home today!!! This little one is such a fighter and today her Mommy and Daddy brought her home! She has continued to do well. She has a feeding tube in place for feedings. Now she doesn't have to work so hard and can save all of her energy for her family. She is still able to suck and they were even able to find a paci small enough for her. Little one weighs a little over 4 pounds. She has the most beautiful cornflower blue eyes and she likes to peak out at everyone :) Especially after she has just eaten.

Please continue to pray for sweet little Emma Rose and for her family. We don't know how long she will be with us but each day is a beautiful gift with memories to treasure.

Had to close with this picture of my sweet girl. She has been a little trooper over the last several days. I picked her up after work yesterday and we drove straight to the hospital. (about a 40 min drive) We were there well past her bedtime so she went to sleep quite late. Today we were out and about getting ready for Emma's home coming. She fell asleep right before we got to my brothers. I tried to put her to sleep in cousin Josh's crib but she woke up. She stayed happy the rest of the day while we waited for Emma to come home with her Mommy and Daddy. We stayed just long enough to say hi and give kisses then left so they could all get settled. Abby crashed hard and was asleep when we got home around 6:30. She rallied and ate dinner and is hanging there quite well. I anticipate an early bedtime tonight. Boy how I love my little girl.