Sunday, March 29, 2009


There are so many new free templates out right now that I thought it was time for a new spring look. The sites even come with instructions and are easy to work with.

Abby had her last gymnastics class last Saturday so they let the parents take pictures. She has really enjoyed it so I think will be taking more classes in the future :) Enjoy the pictures!

Tumble fun.

Time for the balance beam.

Obstacle course time. They play fun music while they do it too.
Can you tell how much she likes this class?

In her jumping element.
Thought the trampoline would be her favorite.

Actually the rings are her favorite!

Her upper arm strength amazes me at such a young age.

Just hanging around. (Mommy clipped my head again)

Parachute time. She likes that too :)

Shake it baby :)

Have to see that it's hard to take pictures of your kid while holding a parachute and walking in a circle :)

Abby in the middle!

Good times :)

Who said this was my last class??

Pretty girl!

Diva shot :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cupcake Mania

Abby calls anything with icing birthday cake. She spotted a 2 pack of cupcakes while we were at the grocery store the other day and insisted I get them. Here she is enjoying her cupcake after dinner. First a sniff and then a nibble :)

Cupcake Bliss :)

Deciding where her next bite will be from :)

Making sure Mama doesn't sneak a bite :)

Just joshing you Mama. You can have a bite if you want :)


Juice break :)

Let the sugar rush begin :)

HMMM.. Maybe I shouldn't of taken that last bite?

NAAA! Who am I kidden :)

What?? Do I have something on my face???

Still working on my cupcake :)

Feeling that sugar rush :)

Giddy with joy :)

Come here Mama! Gimme a hug :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Thank you all so much for your prayers and good wishes for Emma Rose. We don't know what will happen but we do know that there are many folks out there sending prayers and good wishes. That is a good thing and so very appreciated. Please keep em coming. Her Birthday is soon approaching.

Abby and I are doing well. The days continue to fly by. Here are some shots of a few of them :)

Were still working on the potty training. So far 3 times she has actually peed in her potty. The motivation comes and goes but I know she will get there.

I found her this way :)

Bath time princess!

Still loves her puppy. Found out just recently that she has been feeding him. I happened to catch her putting something in his mouth. I opened it up and there were a couple interesting dried up tidbits in there :) I told her just imaginary food from now on.

My sleeping angel :)

Happy Saint Patricks Day!

Finally! Abby's Meme in Florida made this for her. She got friendly with a gentleman that she met at a jewelry store. This gentleman actually move to the states from China and started a new life here. With his help Meme had him transcribe all of the characters in Abby's name, including her birthday. Meme then embroidered them onto the wall hanging.

This last one is of the back. Abby can pull that piece off when she is older and copy the characters.

Here is the gentleman that helped Meme.

I think she likes it :)

Thank you Meme for this very thoughtful and precious gift. WE LOVE YOU!!