Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Birthday pictures

Finally getting around to posting some Birthday pictures. God bless her, she had no idea what this Birthday stuff was all about. I'm glad I decided not to have a big party too. It really would have been too much for her. We were lucky cuz Grandad L was here for her actual Birthday. He and MeMe gave Abby a panda bu*ld a be*r. Meme made the Tutu.

Yep, I think she likes her :)

And here are a few of her daycare Birthday party. Really! What was I thinking??? All the kids, including Abby were kind of stunned through out the whole thing. Here below is my Abba passing out the cups to her classmates.

I ordered cupcakes with Elmo for her. She immediately pulled the cars of the cake.

Then they dug in :)

So that was that. I brought punch balloons and goody bags for them. The teachers wouldn't let them have them until they went home :(

So that was on her actual Birthday. Below was her family Birthday party at Meemas. I made her an Einstein Cake. She liked it but again wasn't too sure what all of the fuss was all about. And was a little cautious.

Just noticing that I left out the H in Birthday :)

The Birthday Girl.

When we lit the candle it scared her.

Man I was purdy that day (not!) Note to self put on make up and do your hair for special occasions.

All she wanted was the rocket :)

Little one had, I think, one bite of cake. She just wanted to play Einstein :)

We celebrated Sam's (daughter of my brothers fiance)Birthday too :)

Cousin Joshua :)

Last we did presents. Again, she was just a little over whelmed.

Sissy helped her out.

Do you see a theme here?

Josh and Elmo.

I Love my little Birthday girl:) I'll leave ya with two videos. One with cousin Josh and Elmo and one with my little Abba Birthday girl. Enjoy :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

My little stinker!

The picture above hints to my post for this evening. Yep! Little Missy locked me out tonight. It was around 7:15 PM this evening. She had just finished dinner and I had stripped her down to her diaper in prep for her bath. It's trash night so I decided to run it out to the curb real quick (you see where I'm going don't ya). It takes all of 2 seconds and I took my house keys with me cuz well you never know. She has locked the front door on her own twice in the past. Both times with the keys in the door, luckily! Anyhoo, I ran the trash out and waved at her through the storm door as I walked back up. She was stretching up on her tip toes and I was thinking just how cute she looked trying to open the door for me... Then when I went to open it.. Yep! She locked the storm door on me??? Didn't know that was a trick she knew. It has a lock that you have to twist so I tried to coach her through the glass. She would turn it but then quickly change directions. I'm motioning and gesturing and she is looking back at me and copying my gestures. I did manage to get her to drag her potty over to the door, put the lid down and stand up on it so that she could reach the lock better (I'm sure she will store that trick for future mischief). My coaxing went on for a good 10 min before 2 of my neighbors showed up (Evidently I was loud).They joined me in my attempts but were unsuccessful. Did I mention that all I had on was my PJ bottoms and a thin tee shirt? It was in the low 40's too. Anyhoo, they brought me a knife and a screw driver but I was not able to break in. I was really considering breaking the glass when one of them suggested a locksmith. We called one and waited 30 min with nothing so then I called another one. Meanwhile another neighbor arrived to help. By then Little Miss wanted no part of trying to unlock the door. She kept saying, "Mine" each time anyone tried to gesture at the door lock. It was hard not to laugh really :) With the locksmith on the way, I was down to 1 remaining neighbor. It was freezing but she would not go home until I was in. She was so sweet, she brought me a coat and some gloves. Abby provided the entertainment while we waited by giving a very nice inservice on the workings of her potty with all of it's bells and whistles. So finally the locksmith guy came and got me in. Little girl was no worse for the wear. 2 points for Abba and none for Mommy. I tell ya, she knows it too :)

Man I love her!!!!!

Thank you all, also for all of your sweet Birthday wishes. I will post Birthday pictures soon:)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweet Abba!!!!!

My sweet baby is 2 today!!!! Happy Birthday my sweet Abba! Mommy loves you more then you will ever know :)

Yep, I let her have chips for breakfast. It was her Birthday after all. (she did have a nutritional breakfast before the chips :)

More chips! My sweet girl received an unexpected present today at daycare in the form of a bite. The bite was to her pink and no it didn't break the skin. Evidential y the incident involved a dispute over a toy.

And now I leave you with what 2 looks like at our house! Sorry it's sideways!

Monday, November 10, 2008

My little tutu girl :)

To dance or not..........To dance or not............

My dancing baby :)

So graceful

So talented :)

Striking a pose

Sitting pretty :)

Taking a bow:)

Good grief I am still sick! I went back to work today. Ended up missing 4 days last week. Knock on wood !!! So far my girl seems to have avoided the strep bugs. Not sure how cuz she was all over me and I was sick sick. Today (last night really) it turned into a nasty cold. My throat is better but this cold sucks. It's definitely a bad one. I think I am neck in neck with my girl in the snot department at present. Man I filled some tissues today! While I still felt lousy, I was able to work today. Truly I should have stayed home the way I was coughing and sneezing my way around but what's a girl to do????? Little Miss has Dr's appointment on Thursday (her BD). I think she is way to snotty and needs an antibiotic. She has her 2 year well check up the following week and I'm afraid they might not giver her her shots if we don't nip this upper respiratory thing in the bud first. I'm debating on keeping the BD appointment or not. I mean who really wants to go to the doctors on their BD. I'm hoping maybe Uncle Chris can help us out there. (hint hint). I asked her daycare if we could have a Birthday party for Abby there after nap time. They said yes so that is the plan. I really debated having a big party for her Birthday and inviting all of her little friends but decided not to. My place is too small and I think 2 is a little young to have a party somewhere else so daycare it is. Hopefully by the time she is three we will be living in a house and will have more space to party. We will have a family birthday party this weekend. TWO!!!!! I can't believe my baby is turning 2!!!!!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Celebrating Ellie!

Today I had the pleasure of joining in on the fun for Shannon (another fellow single adopt from China Mama) in celebration of Ellie. As you can see the New Mommy was radiant and beaming with happiness. I only took a few pictures cuz I was busy watching Shannon open all of her wonderful gifts. Hopefully she won't mind me posting just a few as teasers till she gets her own blog post done :)

Shannon's cute little Niece K was at her side the entire time and was great little helper :)

Yep she was all a glowing :)

Miss K sporting some of the bows off of Shannon's packages :)

About this time last year Shannon came over to my side of the water and joined in my celebration for Abby. I'm glad I was able to do the same for her. A Big THANK YOU Shannon to you from Abba! As you can see she loves her puzzles :) Fingers crossed everybody for a very informative travel meeting tomorrow and that she gets some concrete answers as to when she will finally have her hands on Ellie!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

One year ago today!

I can't believe it. One year ago my life was forever changed by the beautiful and wonderful Lin Ping An! For a recap on my referral day go here and here . Wow that day was incredible. Just like Christmas actually :) Miss Abba has fit so perfectly in our family that there is not a doubt in my mind that this is exactly what was supposed to happen. My incredible strong and sweet little girl just settled in like she had always been here. Is single Motherhood hard? You bet it is! Would I trade it for my life pre ABBY?? Not for a second!! I love being a Mama to this special little girl and I'm honored to be able to have her as my daughter. The love I have for her can not be measured. I look at her referral pictures today and think about how much both our lives have changed since that wonderful day. She had no idea what was in store for her and really neither did I. It's better then I ever could have imagined. Sometimes I still wake up in the morning and wonder if it was all a dream. Did I really go to China? Did I really receive the most amazing gift?? Is she really mine as I am hers forever? Good things defiantly come to those who wait. For those of you out there still waiting the endless wait, my heart goes out to you. I have not and will not ever forget the pain and anguish of the long wait. I pray that all of your dreams come true soon.
I had bigger plans for this post but unfortunately I am sick sick! I called out yesterday and today and went o see my Doctor (my brother in law) where he diagnosed me with a big puss covered tonsil. (TMI?) Sorry. My rapid strep test was negative but he said that happens sometimes. I started antibiotics today. Thank gaud for daycare is all I can say. I loaded up on motr#n and dayqu% and took a long afternoon nap before going to pick her up. I felt worse on waking cuz I think everything had worn off. It literally took me 15 minutes to get up out of bed and muster the strength to go get her. Unfortunately all of my family are busy tonight so I will have to suck it up. At least she can go back to day care tomorrow. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow too but work is definately not in the cards. I hate to miss work again. Abby thankfully is fine minus her usual snotty nose and a little cough. This is hard tho. What do you guys do???? I can't hug and kiss her like I usually do and I'm sure she's wondering why. We sleep in the same bed too. (thats another post tho) I don't want my baby to catch my bugs!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Happy Halloween

Yes, I know the second picture is upside down. Anyone know how to flip it? Abby spent her first Halloween week pretty well. First there she is this morning, snotty nose and all with our pumpkin. (Not sure when she is going to let me take it down) We started it out last Sunday by going to a pumpkin patch on a little farm. She was a little under the weather with her latest cold so we didn't catch a lot of smiles but I still think she had a good time. Thank you Auntie L and Sissy for coming with us and for taking the pictures.

There was a little petting zoo too. So Abby got to see some real live farm animals.

All stuffed up, plus she had just woken up from a car nap when we got there.


Goats. There was one goat that later kept getting out. He was friendly tho and Abby got to pet him.

Pretty picture of Sissy:)

In the pumpkin field.

Checking out the pumpkins.

In the sunflower field.

On Wednesday Abby was Boo'd by our next door neighbor Ella. We didn't get to Boo anyone back but we will next year. I know these pictures suck. I messed up the settings on my camera so they are way blurry. Sorry but I couldn't leave out her first Boo :0

Halloween attire for Thursday. She looked so cute.

We went to Uncle Pete's for Trick Or Treat fun on Halloween. Check out Cousin Josh. He was a Dallas Cowboy football player:)

Here's my Abby in her cute Halloween dress that she wore to school on Halloween. She totally wouldn't pose for me tho. She had a November Harvest party at school that day and came home with a goody bag off treats.

Then it was time to be a bumble bee. I wasn't going to actually take her out. Thought she would have fun just answering the door. At the last minute we took her out to a few houses. I'm so glad we did. She really had a good time.

Again blurry but to cute to leave out. Uncle Pete was awesome with her so Mommy could take pictures of her Abba's first Halloween. That's Da in the back round. He and Meema came over to Uncle Pete's too for Abby and Josh's first Halloween.
Trick or Treat!

She got the hang of things real quick :)

Everybody needs an Uncle Pete :)

Checking out her loot with DA. She totally learned what candy was that night. We had multiple fits the next morning when she found her pumpkin (that I tried to hide) and she wanted to eat everything that I had left in it.

Let me end by saying that it took me forever to do this post. Seriously! I don't know how you guys with kids do it. Abby just hates it when I am on the laptop. She pushes buttons and climbs all over me. I always have big plans to post and read at night when she is asleep. Funny tho! I always seem to fall asleep with her. Last night we were both down and out by 9:30. Don't you all wish your Saturday nights were as exciting????? :)
Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!