Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Birthday Recap

I'm back from a wonderful BD weekend in Hilton Head. We had great beach weather (no pictures though) and a wonderful place to stay! Thank's Krystyn!!!! It was great to be with all of my old buddies again and I was sad to see the weekend end. It's funny that no matter how much time passes you all just pick right back up from where you left off. There were 10 of us there and we had a lot of fun catching up and talking about the past. Thanks Robyn (Our group photographer) also for bringing all the old photo albums!

Here we are (below) the night of my birthday just before going out on the the town. They surprised me and had a little pre going out celebration that included presents and lots of good food!

We ended up at a bar singing with the band. The band was AWESOME!

It was a fabulous Birthday celebration!

The next night we all went out for a nice South Western dinner.

They also gave me this really cool plate that they all signed.

Thanks girls for a wonderful 40'th BD that I will never forget!!!! I love you all and can't wait until the next time we are all together again.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Oh Oh

It is 12:16 AM and I am officially 40! Oh my gosh. I certainly never thought I would be where I am at this stage in my life. I always assumed that I would be married with a couple of kids. Not still single and childless. Don't get me wrong I do like my life but it's funny how things work out......

I am a strong believer that there is a plan for me and I am finding it out as I go. I also continue to have faith that Abby will be a big part of that plan!

On another note, I am off to Hilton Head to celebrate with some old friends. It has been along time since we all have been together and we have a lot to catch up on. Well gotta get this 40 year old body to bed. Gotta catch a plane in a couple hours. Hope to see lots of referrals posted when I get back!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Warning Pity Party

Tonight while shopping at Krogers after work, I spied a sweet little Chinese baby shopping with her Caucasian parents. She was adorable playing with a battery powered toothbrush and squealing with delight when she activated it. Normally this sight makes me smile and I either gather up the nerve to approach them or secretly stalk them for discreet glimpses of their beautiful child and dream about what my Abby might look like. Tonight my eyes just teared up and I really felt like I was going to cry right there in the store. I finished up quickly and got out of there never trying to sneak any more secret glances.

Not sure why I got so emotional tonight. Maybe it's all the bad rumors swirling out there right now, maybe it's the constant uncertainty that I and everybody else in the Chinese adoption community are forced to live with on a daily basis, maybe it's the fact that I am approaching the 9th month of this pseudo pregnancy with no end in sight to the waiting, heck maybe it's just plain PMS? Who knows but ...............

One of the loudest rumors circulating out there right now is that the CCAA is getting ready to announce some new restrictions imposed on people adopting from China. It is being rumored that China may no longer allow singles to adopt. If this happens it is rumored that this will not effect those applicants that are already logged in with the CCAA. We would be grandfatherd in but until I see that in print from the CCAA I will not relax. This also really sucks for the other singles out there currently paperchasing, I hear they are being told to get their paperwork in by Nov or Dec so that they are logged in before next year. Remember there is also currently a quota in place that only allows 8% of each adoption agencies yearly applications to adopt from China to come from singles. Meaning if they can't get a spot to submit their paperwork in time then who knows what may happen.

Lets not forget also that these rumors may or may not be true. Sadly though they are all we have to go on. So we continue to wait and wait, hoping and praying that this process speeds up, relying on faith and that what's meant to be will happen, and that we will all have our children when we are meant to.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Nursery Update

Abby's nursery is coming along. Abby's crib is the focus for now. I don't trust myself to put it together by myself. Just all the screws ect overwhelm me. Meema on the other hand is very good at putting things together (and a lot of other things too actually). After working on the crib for a couple hours one day, she again came over the other day with reinforcements. Erin and Christopher were eager to lend a hand, but not for very long. This crib project is time consuming and a lot more complicated compared to crib assembly when I was a baby (says Meema and she would know she has put together three of them at least).

Christopher now over the process.

The end result on the second attempt. Just the sides left to do.

Finally I just thought I would show you a preview of my plans. The walls are actually a light lavender but looks grayish in the pictures. The trim is white. This fabric (pictured below) will be used for Abby's curtains and to cover her vanity seat (pictured above). Her crib bedding is pink. I was hoping to finish the crib today but decided to sleep instead. I had worked for a couple of days and was tired. Anyway evidently I will have lots of time to finish..........Sorry it's so hard not to be sarcastic at times as this wait continues to lengthen without ANY explanations given.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

In Denial

It's that time of the month when rumors are bad. It's that time of the month when rumors are bad. It's that time of the month when rumors are bad..............

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Attitude Tee Shirts

I got them at Target :=)

Thursday, August 10, 2006


KUDOS to Britain for foiling the latest terrorist plot. It's so sad the world we live in today and the world our children will grow up in..... I have always been a nervous flyer. I will be flying to Hilton Head Island in two weeks for a girls trip. A long weekend gathering that just happens to include my Birthday. There will be at least 10 of us that have all remained close since High school. It will also be the first time we have all been together for a while. Now I'm scared to fly there. I think some major medication may have to be involved if I can get up the nerve to go through with it. Oh and how IRONIC is it that the last time we planed a girls trip (to Atlanta that time) it was almost 5 years ago. You guessed it. September 11th happened a month before we were to go. We canceled that trip.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I see the moon

I hope everybody took a minute to look at the moon tonight. It is beautiful, My pictures didn't do it justice. Neither does this similar image that I found on yahoo. It's full (or darn close to it), and yellow. It's also a beautiful night for an August summer night in Virginia. 77 degrees, a few clouds, bright stars, and only 60 % humidity!! I wish every night could be like this.

I like thinking that Abby and I share this same moon. I also wonder if she has ever seen it during her short life so far? I pray that she is safe and well taken care of by someone who cares about her. Maybe they have even taken the time to hold her up to the window and let her look at it. Maybe............................

Monday, August 07, 2006

8 months LID today!

Lucky eight? Heres hoping that things SPEED UP and Stay that way!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Thanks Aunt Debbie

I received this nice surprise in the mail a few weeks ago from Abby's Aunt Debbie. It's a insulated picnic bag that came with dishes, silverware, and wine glasses. I can't wait to Take my Abby Lei out just the two of us for a special Momma and Abby picnic! (Sippy cup added of course :=)

I found this cute little ladybug lunch/bottle carrier for Abby on line. It is even cuter in person.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Back on the wagon

Ordinarily I would be embarrassed to share this but I know you all in Blogland can relate so here it goes...... Well it's more then time. August 7th will make 9 months since I logged in with the CCAA. While there doesn't appear to be a baby for me in the near future, this pseudo pregnancy has go to end. I was a size 8 when I started this journey. Now...... NOT SO MUCH! So I am back on weight watchers. I have done it before and know that it works. It's all about portion control and sensible choices. Both of those have been hard to follow with all the stress of this process. All I want to do is sit on the computer and look for anything adoption related and anything that might give me even a hint as to when my referral for Abby will come. Snacking goes well with that. So I am officially back on the wagon. I figure if I stick with it I can loose the added weight by December. And hopefully focusing on this goal will ease up on my referral stress.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Nursery Update

Big progress for me! After much procrastination, I painted 3 walls in Abby's room today. I will finish the final wall tonight. The walls will need a second coat and I still have to do the trim. Now that I have made a dent in the dreaded paint project I am ready to see the room completed. Not sure what motivated me to do this today other than the fact that I was stuck in my house waiting for the aircon man to come. My air has just not been up to par. I will set the temp at 68-70 and the gage never goes below a balmy 82. There actually was cool air coming from my vents but evidently not enough to keep up with the heat wave we are experiencing. Today's high was 101 and it is predicted to reach 103 tomorrow! way to hot for me!!! I am so ready for fall. Anyways yap I picked the hottest day of the summer so far to start painting. The aircon man just left. Evidently my cooling coil?? Was clogged up with dirt. After a good unclogging he said my air should be fine. The best part of today was when he told me how much I owed. $80.00 !!!! I was expecting much more. So now it is slowly cooling down and I'm a Happy Camper :D

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tai Shan turns ONE

I can't believe I missed it! Little Tai turned ONE on July 24th. Here he is above celebrating with his Mama. Pictured below are some cute baby panda photos sent to me by buddy Sharon.