Friday, July 30, 2010

Random Summer pictures

Not a happy camper :(

Definitely not !

Summer Picnic with Cousin Josh on her swing set moved to our yard from Meema's.

Always coloring :)

Bath time at Meema's with cousin's Sissy and Josh.

Mommy and her girl :)

So silly :)Trying out Cousin Josh's scooter.

Trying out Da's ride.

I see trouble in the future Da :)

Playing in the sprinkler :)

Worken the Boa!

Oh yeah :)

Places to go :)

Loving on Porsha P.

Artist in the making :)

Oh so limber!


Showing off :)

Future Gymnast?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ballerina girl

Some nights Abby likes to pick out her own PJ's and surprise me. On this particular evening Mommy was treated to a surprise ballet ballerina show too :) She will be taking ballet and tap this fall. I can't wait!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Still Alive and Well

Abby and I are doing well. Can't believe she will be 4 in November. Where does the time go??? Been meaning to do an update for a while but you know how that goes. Soooo some quick bullets and a lot of pictures :)

***Our heat wave of a summer continues. For at least the last 4 weeks it has been 93 or above More than it hasn't. And often it's the upper 90's or 100! Makes it pretty miserable unless your in the pool,

*** Swimming lessons continue for my little bean. Progress is oh so slow but we actually has a break through last week when little Miss swam about 3 inches without her life jacket. Still working on getting her face in the water willingly though.

***Her 4 brothers and 1 sister (baby) are all still living with us and per her doing well :) 1 brother goes to school with her every day and seems to be disrupting nap time. Brother evidently chooses to ignore the no talking during nap time rule and keeps getting Abby in trouble :)

***Abby still wears a pull up at night. Should I be concerned? Although she has been dry the last 3 nights. I'm sure I just jinxed myself.

***We have passes to Busch Gardens but have yet to go because it has been so blazing hot! If anyone one wants to go some late afternoon let us know :)

***New house is coming along. So much to do and so little time. A lot of outdoor chores that just can't be done right now because of the heat. I am so ready for fall!!!

***Looks like no vacations this summer for us either. Mommy is broke. New house has about exhausted all of my savings. Hoping that money tree pops up in my back yard soon!

***Work is Work.... And that's all I have to say about that.

***We haven't seen any of our FCC buddies this summer. Miss you guys :(

***We have been fortunate to have lots of OOT family visit this summer.Abby has enjoyed spending time with them :)

***Really hating working 5 days a week :( Where is my Prince anyway?????

***One of my cats has decided to boycott the litter box. Evidently cat poop does not belong there? Only Cat Pee. Whats up with that? It could be worse though if she was peeing on my carpet.

***I introduced Abby to Slurpee's this summer. She loves them and thinks she needs one every time we pass a 7*11 ( AKA The Slurpee Store).

***Abby is really recognizing a lot of her letters these days ad points them out during our drive to and from school each day :)

***Abby has been fighting her baths lately. Not fun! Fine once she is in but it takes a long time to convince her she needs to take one. (she never used to mind) Hoping this phase passes quickly.

***Anyone worried about 12/22//2012? Just wondering.... Contemplating asking off for that day.

***Abby needs a dentist appointment. (her first) Dreading it.

***What a riot she is. The things she comes up with :) Course I can't think of any right now.

***Really hoping RQ's latest predictions pan out for all of you still waiting!

Happy Birthday America

We celebrated like we do each year at my sister in laws parents home on the river. The fireworks come from right across the other side :) Below - boats a gathering for the show.

Abby and cousin Josh

She would have jumped the whole time if I had let her :)

Jumping Joy :)

Cousins waiting for the show to start. Back row Erin (Sissy) and Josh (JP) Front row Jack, Abby, Virginia and Zachary.

Sweaty Mommy

Sweet shot! Zachary, Abby and Jack :)

Then back to Meema's for sparklers.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!