Friday, August 12, 2005


Well I got my fingerprints done today. What a experience. Seems there is more to it then just placing your finger on a ink pad then on paper. Your fingers have to be very relaxed. (How do you relax your fingers???) Needless to say I had to do some of them over. I was a little uptight. Now I wait for my I-171H. This is the final form that gives me approval to adopt an orphan from abroad. When I finally get it then all of my paperwork has to be authenticated by the Virginia and D.C. Secretary's of state and last of all by the Chinese Embassy...If all goes well I hope to be done sometime in September. At that time I will be DTC (Dossier to China) and hopefully soon there after I will receive my LID (Log in Date by China). Once I am logged in by China I will be officially "Paper Pregnant"!! Currently it is taking 6 -7 months for waiting familes to receive their referrals. Once I get my referral I can expect to travel to China aproximately 6-8 weeks after that So this means that I could possibly expect a March or April referral.

The above pictures show you some of my paperwork and where it will finally end up once it is officially logged in to china. These are pictures of the actual matching room in China. You can see all the other dossiers that are already waiting to be matched!

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