Thursday, May 03, 2007

Opinions Needed

I have been living in my condo for 6 and a half years. It needed a new paint job so I finally got motivated to start last night. Those vertical blinds just got away from me when I tried to take them down, taking out my lamp and just narrowly missing my TV when they fell. Luckily no serious damage occurred but I did end up ditching the blinds. I think it was time for new ones anyway.

I have been trying to decide if I should move or not before Abby arrives. My condo is on the small side. Just a little over 1100 square feet It has 2 bedrooms and 2 full baths. I'm on the 2nd floor. It's not real big on storeage so I am considering renting a small storeage place for over flow.

Why do I want to move? I am really worried that my condo just won't be big enough for Abby and I once she gets here. I know babies stuff has a way of multiplying. I already don't have enough room for all of her clothes :) I also really want a yard to take Abby out to play in. My condo fees combined with my current mortgage payment would easily allow for me to ajust to a higher mortgage payment. My condo has doubled in value since I purchase it a little over 6 years ago so there would be some good extra cash if I sold it. Plus it seems to be a good time to buy right now. If I move I would prefer to find a small home in my same neighborhood. There are several available right now.

Why not to move? I will have to get a homestudy update if I move before Abby comes. Cost around 300 dollars. With a yard comes yardwork do I really want all that and a new baby too? At least at first? I know a house will require a little more upkeep then my condo though I'm sure I would be able to handle it. Currently all my outside maintanace is taken care of and that is nice. There is also a park right across the street from me and I know we will be at my Mom's a lot too (big yard there). I am 15 minutes from work and her future daycare. I am used to it here, I like it here. It's a good safe security patroled established neighborhood.

So I guess I am just really hung up on the space thing. Do ye'all think 1100 square feet is enough space for me and Abby? Should I try it for a while and see how it goes? I wouldn't want to stress her out further by moving once she gets ajusted. Plus her room is pretty. We could try it for a year or not. Opinions???

The peanut gallary while I painted :)


Christi said...

Hi Jenny,
I had the same dilema, my condo is 1238 square ft. I decided to stay and it's worked out great so far. In my case it's a big stretch to go from a condo to a home and I do have a big garage for storage. I also limit Abbey's stuff and pass alot on to other people. I like it that the space is just big enough for the two of us and if and when the time is right we will move. Everyone's situation is different, but that's what has worked for us. I would love a yard but frankly we haven't been home enough to use it. We go to the park alot though. She really likes the other children there.

Laura said...

Don't let the homestudy cost become a factor in your decision. You will probably have to do another one anyway - I did when my original I171h expired and I had to get a new one.

I would say stay put in the condo at least for now. I live in a small house and the space is not an issue. Yard work and home repairs are when you are trying to balance the needs of a baby. I fixed everything up before Maeve, but there are still a few items that I need to do. It is doable, but a bit hard when I'm trolling Home Depot and "you-know-who" decides this is the day she wants lunch a hour earlier. :) It sounds like you are happy with your place now, so I would recommend justs waiting for a bit and seeing if it can work for you.

laurie said...

hard to say. she definitely could use more space to be mobile with toys inside...but a yard and house woyld more than double you work.

boy that quackers looks like he's getting ready to eat one of you or cassidy!

Stacy said...

I LOVE the color you are painting the living room. I' glad your tv was spared. :)

I'm not good with change. IF I were you I would probably stay put since you are so close to referral. If you had a later LID maybe moving would be good. That would give you some time to settle and something to focus on. Just my .02.

Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

My opinion stay for a year see how it goes. Yard work plus a bigger house is a lot of work on top od coping with a nw little one!

Shannon said...

I'd move. I guess I'm the only one saying that, but I was in the same position as you. My condo was 1100 sq ft, and I felt cramped. Plus, a yard would be nice. I figured it would be way WAY easier to find a house, move, get her room all set up before she got home. After she gets here, I want to be in a space where I feel comfortable, and all I think about is her. You can hire a kid to mow your lawn. You can't buy the impromtu picnics you'd have right out your back door. Just my 2 cents.

Also loved the color of the living room. I hate those vertical blind thingys. I have them too and when I went to change them i thought i was going to lose and eye!! LOL They secretly are ninja blinds!!

C.J. said...

Cute kitties~!

You sound exactly like me a couple of years ago. I LOVED my condo and it was a decent size but I wanted a yard for my child and a a neighborhood with doubt. So, I bought the house. I do a lot with the yard now but I will have help with that once my girl gets here. I have not regretted getting settled in the house before adding baby. Trying to move after and getting things 'just so' in the new house would have been a lot to take on. So, I guess you can see how I thought about it.

As much as I've had some house 'issues', I love it and have not regretted it (other than when I am mowing the lawn in 90 degrees ;0)

Good luck with your decision.

Deb said...

Now that's what I call retail therapy.

Did I read that need a bigger place so you have room for Abby's clothes. You're mom just cringed a little. :-)

I guess it boils down to how much MORE stress you can handle. Buying a house rates right up there with adoption on the stress meter. It ALWAYS costs you more than you figure on.

If you decide to sell, it would have to be this summer. In the fall kids are going back to school and then the holidays are creeping up. You'd have to wait until spring like Uncle Terry and me. In the north Jan - March (this year April) are not good months in the housing market. People don't like to move in 10 feet of snow.

I was absolutely no help in making your decision

Aunt Debbie

Julie said...

Perhaps think of it another way. Maybe you have too much stuff? Maybe you could make a decision to limit your stuff based on your space. I know that's hard.

I personally kind of regret going to a house. I love my house but it is a lot of work and especially with the yard. I'm not planning on moving soon but my next move will be back to a townhouse or maintenance free option.

You have to make the decision but you might have better information once Abby is with you.

Donna said...

We live in a small house and it's been fine for us - except there is never enough closet space!

P.S. love your blog!

Shayla's Mom said...

Well, to me, the biggest downside is the STRESS that goes along with moving. Stress right now might be a big least I know it would be for me. We're all on a constant roller coaster right now with all of the CCAA's craziness and it's seems like taking another huge step right now might be too much. My opinion is to wait and see what it's like after you bring your child home. You're right about the yard work...but then if you move into a larger home, then that's more housework too. The bigger the house, the more you have, the more to's a crazy cycle. Yes, it would be easier to move without a child, but really over the years after you do have her, it's unreal to think you may never move again you'd be dealing with moving and a child then too. Enough of my of luck with whatever you decide.

LID 11/21/05

Made in China said...

I think you should stay. Children don't need that much room - and you can take her out to play! A bigger place means more maintenance and housework! I would see how it goes for the first year and then you will know whether it's time for a move.
Good luck with the decision!!

Stephe said...

Love the color your painting too.
To move or not to move...toughy.
I say, if you can afford it, DO IT.
Don't let an update get in the way!

Ann said...

okay so the question as to whether you should move..I see both sides of your dilema. I am a house person, but I can see the goods about being in a condo. Maybe a compromise will be a home with a small yard, that way you won't have to waste too much time on upkeep.

The other we think 1100 squre feet is enough. It's plenty, I hope because our home is only 1475. Now it's a 3 bedroom, so essentially the only difference is probably the extra room. No matter how big or small your home is, Abby will have plenty as long as she has a loving and stable family life.

A Special Family said...

Just piping in late. I love your blog! I think, having been a single foster mom, that the least amount of house work i.e. including garden work you have to do in the first few months, the better. Nothing will prepare you for the exhaustion and the least you have to do the better. Truly. Also I know many adoptive mom's and daughters in smaller than 1000 square feet apt's in NY especially. Here in England (I am currently an ex-pat living abroad) the average 3 bedroom home is 800 square feet. So I have learned how to down size to say the least :)