Sunday, April 06, 2008

3 Word Sunday plus a long post.

It's 3 Word Sunday so here are mine :) I think she looks adorable. They lasted almost all day until she pulled one out.

Sorry for the lack of posting. It has been a busy and exhausting week. I never had a chance to post about her Doctors appointment this past Tuesday. She is doing great! Weight is now up to 20.8 pounds. They didn't measure her. The wax build up in her right ear was much better post the peroxide drops I had been doing nightly. He could actual see the eardrum and said it looks fine. Still need to work on the left one tho. (I had been putting more attention on the right cuz they said it was worse. Poor baby got 3 more shots, Her Hep A, DPAT, and polio. She also had to get a tb test. She fought that one so it was already red when we left. I was afraid it would be Positive but we went back on Thursday to have it read and it was negative, Also all of her lab work came back with in normal limits :) He said she looked great and very well adjusted :) She goes back next for her 18 month check up.

As I posted work went great on Monday. Abby did fine too. Tuesday was the Doctors, Wed was our play date with Jen and Jain (Pictures on a later post). We also went and saw Cousin Joshua that afternoon. He and Mommy were still in the hospital cuz Mommy had been running temps. Thankfully they were both discharged on Thursday. They are doing great :) (Pictures of Joshua in a later post too). Thursday we went back to the Doctors for her PPD (tb test) reading (negative), then headed over to spend the night at Mom's for work Friday and Saturday.

Work Friday was rough! My hospital started using a new computer program that changes us from paper charting to computer charting. It was stressful working with the system, figuring it out, ect while trying to take care of 2 critical patients as well. It didn't help that I absolutely had to be out by 6:30 PM that night cuz my parents had plans. A wonderful coworker agreed to come in 30 min earlier for me to help me out. My day was busy and while my patient care was caught up my documentation was very behind. It didn't help that I was off the unit for several hours with one of my patients for testing and procedures. Normally I would have taken my flow sheets and charted down there while the patient had their tests and procedures done. (we have to stay with our patients when they are off the unit) With this new system I can only chart on the unit. So by 4;00 PM I felt like I would never get caught up. All I could think of is that I would not be able to get Abby in time and how stressed she would be. Of course the water works started. Again my wonderful coworkers rallied around me and pitched in to help. I ended up leaving at 6:45 PM. (My parents had left Abby with my brother.) I picked up Abby from my brothers. She seemed okay and was happy to see me. Once home tho and she would not settle down to sleep. I was still pretty stressed and I'm sure she felt it. It was almost 9:00 PM and I felt like we had not had any quality time together. I let her go down in the bed with me. Figured we could at least cuddle since I hadn't seen her all day. I ended up giving her 2 bottles before she finally slept around 10:00 PM. She was up at 2:00 am crying and wet through her PJ's. (note to self, 2 bottles at bed time was probably a little much for her tiny bladder. She went back down pretty quickly once I changed her but I was up another hour. So I was tired the next day. That day was better tho. I was able to use the new system with less difficulty and stayed caught up. I was looking forward to a couple days off with Abby. So during lunch I pulled out the schedule book to look for days to sign up for this week. I had not signed up yet and was not officially on the schedule til next week. When I looked I saw they had me down to work today (Sunday) as well then the rest of the week was blank. It seems that I had let them schedule me that day. I don't remember doing so tho. It was back in February during early Abby days. (yep are schedules are made way in advance) I did not have child care for Abby today. My parents had plans, my sister was working, and my brother has the new baby. I don't feel comfortable putting her with someone she didn't know or know well for 12 hours. Plus I had never planned to leave her for 3 days in a row. ESPECIALLY my first week back..... I tried to get the shift covered but was not able to. Long story short I called out today with the no child care reason. I feel terrible! I hated to leave them short at work, everyone is at least a little stressed with the new charting system. Plus I don't want them to think they can't count on me now either or worse think I can't do it now with a baby. I literally felt sick with all of the turmoil I felt. So another stressed night for me. I tried not to let it affect Abby tho. What do you all think? Did I make the right decision by calling in? Lord I just hope this gets better....

Now if your still with me after all of my whining..... I will leave you with some more pig tail pictures :)

signing baby :)


Anne said...

I understand your stress, but no guilt about calling in, what else could you do? This single working mom stuff is tough, isn't it?!
Anne :)

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

I don`t think you had a choice but to call in. At any rate it is now a done deal, you need to let it go. You have enough stress without worrying about something that is in the past.

The new charting system will come with time. It would be nice if there was a way to do it off the floor tho, it seems like an awful waste of time to stay with a patient and not be able to chart.

Sherry Mc said...

Miss my little companion today. Enjoy your day today with no guilt! You've given them alot of yourself over the years. Now there is someone at home who needs that attention too. Love the pigtails. Takes her out of the baby look and more like a toddler. xo's for you both. Mom

PIPO said...

1) The pigtails are delicious.

2) I really feel for you. That's the drag for many of us mama's - we HAVE to work and the schedules are rigid.

3) I hope my coworkers prove as understanding as they say they will kid will probably have the knowledge of a practicing gynecologist by age 10 ;0)

4) The charting will get better. It is just overwhelming because it is new. The hospital I deliver at changed over a few months back. It still freaks people out that they can actually read my notes now ;0) The system really IS much faster though once through the learning curve.

5) No guilt - remember you are only one human and none of us can do it all by ourselves all the time. You'll find your groove.

kris said...

First we went to computer charting 3 years ago and it is SO much faster and easier once you get the system down, so hang in there on that. Second, absolutely you made the right choice, don't beat yourself up! Your daughter always comes first, no matter what and work will see your dedication. Just make it really clear to your manager that as a single mom you cannot do 3 12's in a row!
Hang in there.

LOVE those pigtails!!

Lisa and Tate said...

Adorable piggy tails!!! We have been computer charting in our hospital for a long time. It will get better and even make charting so much easier!! Hang in there things will definitely get better!Lisa

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

I think you are okay with calling in.. you didn't know and it wasn't the right thing to do.. Don't be so hard on yourself..
LOVE the pigtails..
And the pictures are soooo adorable..
Abby is getting cuter and cuter.. didn't know she could get any cuter..
Have a Great Week..
Try to relax..

Kelley said...

Those pigtails are fantastic! It will get better; I've missed a few days this year because of no childcare. What else can you do?

daisy said...

Be good to yourself jenny, It always takes awhile to work out the kinks, days will go smoother, then there will be rough days, of course, but look back on the smooth ones and know they will return, love, "OL"

Debz said...

Love the pics with the ponytails.

Our hospital is switching over to a similar computer program, the girls are run off their feet.

Liene said...

I'm so sorry it's been a rough week. If I were anywhere near you I would've offered to take care of Abby. Not sure where in VA you are tho.

The hospital I'm a patient at (I have arrhythmia issues) does a combination of both. The nurses chart on the computer but the doctors chart on paper still. Guess it takes them less time to stand at the nurses station and hand jot what they want to say rather than sit at a computer and enter it all in. I'm sure most of it actually gets translated later by a medical transcriptionist and then put in patient files.

I'm praying it gets better for you!

Lindsay said...

You absolutely did the right thing! A mom puts her child first and that is what you did. We work to live - not the other way around, no matter how much we might love our jobs.

I totally understand your stress, but you did the right thing by Abby. How confused would she have been to go to a different minder?! Don't be so hard on yourself. Your colleagues have surely known you long enough to know you are not a slacker, and anyone who is a parent there will be able to sympathise with your situation.

Abby looks adorable as always. Glad her little cousin is home from hospital and doing well.

Have a good week - less stress and guilt and more quality time with your cutie.

Shannon said...

Lovin' the piggy tails! Love the signing...she is so smart! You are such a good woman to not want to leave them short. Still, I'm with the others, these things happen. Be good to yourself!

Anonymous said...

sorry, have to disagree with the others, (pls no flames, going anonymous too) I do not think you should have called in....esp if the schedule was posted so long ago....don't most managers tell you you are responsible as a professional for checking it? Sorry, but I for one hate it when I have to pick up the extra work because you don't have a babysitter; and my best guess is I bet you've said the same thing. And yes I have 2 small kids, and yes, I am single.
It's hard.

As far a computerized charting--you will love it, but I was confused by the fact that you couldn't log onto another computer in another dept and chart on your pt--why not? Most systems have that functionality--you can log in anywhere. Or they have COW's (computer on wheels) that can roll along with you.

Abby's Mom said...

Thanks for your opinion anon.... Thankfully I have a wonderful boss and very understanding coworkers. She told me not to sweat the call in and understood that there was a miscommunication. I am going to cut myself some slack as well. It was my first week back after all and I do not call in as a rule (my record speaks for itself. My daughter's transition and her needs will always come first!

Abby's Mom said...

Dear Anon, I also forgot to add that we do have rolling computers on our unit. They stay on the unit though. You can't roll a critically ill patient down 3 floors while dragging a computer behind you.

kris said...

SO glad you added that second part! I was gonna do it for you if you hadn't- ANON obviously has never worked ICU though they seem to be familiar with nursing.

Makes me sad that people so easily pass judgment too. They probably have never bothered to read that you JUST went back to work and you're a brand new mom with a brand new daughter...
Give me a break.

Sherry Mc said...

Dear anon. As Abby's mom's mom and as a former nurse manager myself I have to add my two cents. Her schedule was not made up way in advance but recently. She has worked for many years on her unit and been a very solid employee giving more of herself than at times she should have. Her patient care is above and beyond alot of what I have seen. Now she has a new and more importantly, lifelong job and that is loving and caring for a little one who has only been with her three months and needs alot of reassurance that her mom will not abandon her. Sure it sucks to have to pick up the slack when someone calls in, but when that someone is one who gives so much of herself to her job it's not quite so bad. She will never get back from her job what she will from her role as a mother. As nurse manager I never expected my staff to put work over family and I'm proud that she didn't either. Schedules that work will be achieved but Abby's happiness will always be her primary interest. I can't fault her or any other mom for that. Abby's meema and proud mom of Jenny

Anonymous said...

Not sure what a meema is--is that another name for Grandma?
All points well taken, hopefully including mine.
One last comment -- as this was not meant to be that you (Mom) *did* ask "what do you think? did I do the right thing". ALl I did was answer....which others may have wanted to do but were afraid of flaming.
Your daughter is adorable. Ejoy her lots. Motherhood ios the bestest job e-v-e-r.

Mandy said...

I was working that day and trust me, it wasn't a big deal. We've worked short plenty of times either due to another unit being shorter than us and them pulling us, or high acuity, etc. Don't sweat it- life happens- sometimes babysitters cancel at last minute, or other things happen. You have been a very dedicated employee, and we all understand your situation. 12 hours is 12 hours- whether it's well staffed or not so well staffed, the day goes on. Trust me, noone peeped one word about you calling in- we understand! Enjoy every second you can with Abby (your number one priority!!!)

Anonymous said...

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