Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thanks :)

Thank you everyone! I'm still not sure what it is but I'm thinking Fifths Disease???? I have heard of at least one case at another daycare. On Sunday she did look like she had slapped cheeks and she had the upper respiratory thing going on prior to the rash starting too (almost gone by the way). It goes from the trunk to the extremities which is kind of what hers did minus her face? It isn't usually itchy but can be. Hers definitely was and still is. They look like little dry red pimples. She isn't acting sick either but was a little puny last week so who knows.

I'm not thinking it was the zithromax cuz the rash was already starting before that. Bed bugs? Don't think so either cuz I would think that I would have bites too. Plus I asked (daycare) and they said there had not been any other reports of rashes. She will be going to daycare today. I kept her out yesterday. She is acting fine and was yesterday too.


PIPO said...

Ohhh...missed that post. Hope things are on the upswing. I hope her ped had some good input as to the cause.

So many things to look forward to ;0)

Joan said...

My 6 year old daughter had Fifth Disease last year. It ran like wild fire through school. When the red face shows up, they are no longer contagious I believe. When its starting it looks like a cold so its hard to pinpoint where you may have caught it. My daughter's school sent home notes multiple times requesting that we be vigilent in watching for symptoms and keep the kids home. I think it finally was spring break that stopped it.


Lashes aka Kristyn said...

Hey Jen

Could it me moluscum???? Campbell got it over the summer and seems to react the same way....

love kris

Lashes aka Kristyn said...

Hey Jen

Could it be moluscum??? Campbell had it this summer w/the little bumps that started on stomach - just a thought.

love ya kristyn

Lisa and Tate said...

Have you had her checked for strep throat??? On another blog a momma posted about the same type of thing. Here is the link.

Hope it helps.

Lindsay said...

Glad the wee one is perking up. Hannah had 5ths at the beginning of the year and it does seem to be very contagious.

Hope she is completely well soon.

A side note - I had never heard of fifths disease until I became a mother. I wonder how many other odd illnesses and 'conditions' (lego up nose perhaps) I will come across before she is grown.

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

Hmmm it really does not look like Fifths. Fifths is usually a lacy looking rash.

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

I just took a second look at the pictures. They look a bit like small hives. Do I recall correctly that Abby has had a mystery rash before? Maybe it is time to start keeping a food journal.

Kim said...

Hey lookie, I'm famous, I'm linked on your comments! lol

I'd get her swabbed for strep. Natalie did not show any signs of feeling bad until the day after i took her to the doctor.

Donna said...

Wow, I thought I had heard of every childhood illness - that's a new one!

Glad your little girl is feeling better though!