Sunday, May 31, 2009

Catch up time

Below you see my sweet little girl. Though I have to say that lately I'm wondering where all that sweetness has gone. At two and a half we are deep in I guess it is "The terrible twos?" I swear she can change on a dime. Mostly it happens when I tell her she can't do something or if she doesn't get her way. Gone are the days when she would just throw herself onto the floor and cry. Oh no! Now she stomps her feet at me and argues in a defiant tone. Heck sometimes she even puts herself in time out before I can. She will say, "No!" using that defiant tone then, "I go to time out." Guess she thinks it's not as bad if she puts herself there before I can. Unfortunately we are seeing time out a lot more these days. Actually I do time in and only for 2 minutes. Then we talk about it and I make her tell me she is sorry. I like to think this too shall pass but yikes. I"m hearing the threes are even worse? She is pretty much good as gold at school (per her teachers) than today she was in time out twice. The second time for hitting?? She was fighting over a toy. My girl has never been a hitter. Sure she has swatted at me on a rare occasion when really angry but I still wouldn't consider her a hitter. Yesterday she hit me on 3 separate occasions??? Where the heck did that come from? WE don't hit and or spank. I don't think we even hang out with anyone that does. It has me worried. I'm thinking there is something bothering her? Or is it an attachment thing? Or just the plain old Two thing? Lawd I hope this passes soon! I really do love this picture though :)

Our potty training seems to be at a standstill. She hasn't been that interested lately. I bought a new insert for the grown up potty. It's Dora themed as is the stool I got for her. Hoping that these items and a big bag of M$M's might motivate her again. Fingers crossed!
In other news little girl can now pedal! She is so proud of her self :)

We renewed our membership at the Virgini*a Livin*g Muze*um. She really likes it there and it is very close to our house.

Looking for ducks and turtles :)

Not to sure about the owl

She refused to sit on this turtle last year.

She still loves her babies :)

The new normal at our house (post China). Tutu attire required for teeth brushing :)

Hanging with cousin CJ

Look closely :) Killy always rides shot gun on the golf cart :)

Sissy has gotten to be such a great helper with her cousin Abby. She loves to give Abby her bath and change her diapers.

Just a pretty picture of the Coleman Bridge by my parents house.

Finally she still loves to jump. You should see the calves on my little girl :)

OOOPS! Almost caught her.

So close!
There she is :)

So really not too much to update on. We are living life and loving it even with it's ups and downs. It is incredible to me how fast the time flies now that she is home. It seems like the weeks are just flying by and the weekends even faster! She is growing up before my eyes and doing so just a little too fast! Time is huge! There just never seems to be enough of it these days. Unfortunately blogging (loved how Shannon put it) usually looses out to laundry, cleaning and just playing with my girl :)


Mama Duck said...

Great catch-up post! We were having some terrible three's around our house, but it's gotten much better lately (knock on wood). Your pictures are just darling!! Love Abby's big smile!

Sherry Mc said...

Someone at school is hitting. She's not learning it here or is it an instinctive process for defense? I still say I thought the fours were worse than twos or threes per my experience with you three. Of course when she flashes that smile, how can you resist. Love you both, Mom

Lindsay said...

I would guess she is learning the hitting at school. Hannah recently bit a class mate - on the face! I was horrified. Luckily his mom works at the same school as me and didn't take it badly: especially when it turned out her son bit first! Hannah has definitely brought some undesirable behaviour home with her, especially I have to say, from some of the boys at school. Maybe because the girls in her class are both a little older and past that stage, they don't seem to be teaching her anything bad.

Having said that, Hannah does hit at me because of attachment/trauma issues. I can (I think) normally tell which kind of behaviour it is because if she is just angry/throwing a fit then she 'just' hits me. When it is the underlying issues she is trying to drive me away from her because she is being held and, to be honest, her hitting (kicking, biting etc.) is on a much different level of intensity. If you are worried it might be attachment related, I would try to pin down the reason for the hitting and see if that gives you any clues.

Love all the photos - all three kids look like they've grown a ton. Best wishes.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the update.. Looks like Abby is doing well. besides the terrible 2's.. but wouldn't be any fun if she was perfect all the time...
love the brushing of the teeth in the tutu..
Have a great week..

Debbie and Sam said...

Hold on to your bootstraps. I agree with your mom. Elizabeth is proving that fours are worse than threes!!

Shannon said...

Oh but your jumping bean is beautiful! Tutu's and rain boots- perfect accessories to any outfit! I thought the toughest times were the ornery one and a halfs?!! Oh dear!! Would love to catch up with you at the VLM sometime. We just renewed our zoo passes. =)

Wendy said...

Sounds like things are pretty normal 'round your house!:) This too shall pass, as they say! Doesn't make it much less frustrating though, I know! She sure is gorgeous, though!
And thank you SO much for the beautiful things-they are greatly appreciated! Big hugs to you both!