Sunday, December 20, 2009

Picture catch up :)

Such the fashion Diva.
First experience at Paint on Pottery. (with Kenzie and Cameron)

Impromptu dance out side the pottery paint shop :)

Are your kids as infatuated with the red balls in front of target as mine?

Fall Leaves FUN :)

Ladybug dress up :)

Birthday Balloons.

And now it's Thanksgiving :)

Abby and cousin Josh. Love this photo P:)

Dining room mania.

Abby and Chase:)

Kids 3. Cousin Sam 0 :)

Don't know what is up with my camera. There is a little cloud in every picture. Below thankful for portable DVD players :)

Picking out our Christmas Tree!

Look Mom! I'm bigger :)

Bring home the tree. Bug style :)

Let the decorating begin :)

There is that cloud again smack in the middle of the tree?

Tree is just a little bottom heavy :)

Since we are moving I only put out a few of our ornaments. Still looks pretty though.

Found this Tutu costume at TJ M@x for 5 Bucks.

She has the bow down doesn't she :)

I LOVE this shot of her!
At Meema and Da's to decorate their tree. They surprised her with her own chair.
Cousin Josh :)

RequestsAuntie Laurie (all better) and cousin CJ.

Annetta and Sam.

First Gingerbread House with Cousins Josh and Sissy :)

She is getting so BIG!!!Oh how I love her. God sure knew what he was doing :) :) :) :D


Sherry Mc said...

We all love her more than we ever thought possible. When she gives as much love to us as she does, we just melt. Try cleaning the lens on the front of your camera? Or maybe try the new camera? Pictures are all great, clouds or no. xo's

Debbie and Sam said...

LOVE the naked tree decorating. That is how it is at our house!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

OMW.. .LOVE all the photos.. and Abba is getting soooo BIG.. she is sooo BEAUTIFUL..
Looks like you have been busy busy busy..
love her little Thanksgiving dress.. the colors are amazing ..
Have a Merry Christmas..
hugs girly..

Anne said...

That Abby needs to cheer up, she sure doesn't look like a happy girl at all :) Serioulsy, great pictures!
SO funny you mentioned the red balls in front of Target, Elizabeth loves those and has to touch them every time we go!

Kris said...

love the sunglasses, LOVE your tree (especially how it was transported) and you can't beat the booty :O) stinking ADORABLE.

Lindsay said...

Your girl sure likes to get naked :) Love the tree photo and the little, naked ladybug (ladybutt?)

She is too cute. You make a wonderfully, happy looking family. I hope you have a blessed Christmas.

Shannon said...

I'm loving the picture catch up! Abby cracks me up! What a little (getting bigger!) cutie! Hope you are enjoying the holidays with a little bit of you time. I know you have a lot going on. Ok, back to review those pics again! =)