Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Imaginary Friends

So tonight Abby comes up to me and says, "Mommy is this my home?" Of course it is I tell her. (Abby)"But he keeps telling me it's not."(Me)"Who is he?" (Abby)"Brudur." (Me) "Who is Brodur?" (Abby)"My friend Brudur." So she has an imaginary friend :) A few minutes later and she comes back again, "Mommy. He is still saying it." (Me) "Well you tell Brudur he is wrong and this is your home."Than I asked her what Brudur looks like?"(Abby) No answer. (Me)"How big is he?" Based on the measurements Abby indicates with her hands brudur is about 6 inches tall. As the conversation progresses I learn that Brudur also has 3 brudurs (brothers). 1 brother is 3 feet tall (again based on her hand measurements) but the other two are small like Brudur and they all sleep in the bed with us :) Later I catch her talking to herself at the table while coloring. When I ask her she tells me she is talking to her brudurs. And later while taking a shower she yells, "Hey Mom? Can you call my brudurs in for me?" Such an imagination :)


Eliza2006 said...

Sounds like my Eliza...her friends are Wi and Rocky (both girls by the way). Wi told her to cut her hair a week or so ago. Those darn friends keep saying "shut up" as well. I've told them they can't come over, but they have no place else to go and they are Eliza's children after all. How can I kick my grandchildren out of the house? So they stay! LOL!

dawn said...

Rosie has Bubbie, has had her for a few months now. Cracks me up! One night when she was being "naughty" at the diner table she said to me, " don't blame me, blame this girl sitting next to me, it's her fault"

Kim said...

Imagination is the meaning of intellegance..
KyLee could come up with some WILD things..
Have a great week..

Lindsay said...

I love how cute that all is :)