Sunday, November 21, 2010

Loving 4!

So I have had a four year old for a little over a week and I am loving it :) I swear she is four going on 14 though. On her birthday she was so cute. We were at the store and she would say."Do you think everyone knows that I am four today?" I would say no unless you tell them :) Her response, "You tell them!" She also wanted me to sing to her over and over :} The Monday after her birthday as we were getting in the car she asked me if I thought she would still fit in her car seat because, "You know Mom! I'm four now!" She has always been a talker but boy now she is even more chatty and if she isn't talking then she is singing :) She is taking ballet and loving it. She also loves to pretend to be an acrobat. This girl has abundant energy for sure! She is set to move up to the four year old class in January. She is more then ready. She wakes spouting letters. She loves to write and can name most all of the alphabet by sight. I got her a sight word learning DVD and she loves it. And if she isn't trying to write then she is coloring or crafting. My girl can craft for hours if you let her. Her imaginary brother is also still alive and well :) She has such an imagination too. She makes up story's and scenarios and always wants us to act them out. She can be quite dramatic at times. I see acting in her future I think. She is also quite opinionated. I love that about her and I love that she feels secure enough to stand her ground. And yes she can be frustrating too at times. When she is mad everyone knows it. Thankfully she does usually apologise on her own eventually. I could gush on but it's late. I have lots of pictures to share but unfortunately my hard drive crashed and I have a borrowed computer for now {Thank you Sissy!}. Praying the IT guys can save my pictures since I never backed them up... I did save my China photos to disks thankfully. Fingers crossed they save the rest for me!


kitchu said...

i feel like i came to know her so much better just with this one post. she is a gem! and happy belated birthday!

this is a site that E loves that your daughter I am certain will enjoy just as much:

Sherry Mc said...

You are so right. She has come so far since Jan 2008' I just hope we can keep up with her! The whole world just lights up when she smiles. xo's Meema

Special K said...

I love hearing all about Abby. I feel like I've watched her grow up right along with you. 4 is a great age. I loved the transition from toddler-ish to big kid I saw with my nieces and nephews when they hit 4.