Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring at last :)

Finally some consistent warm weather. We have put away and gotten back out our winter coats several times so far. Looks like we are finally in the clear. We have had some 70 plus days and on this particular night we were home earlier after work and Abba had some play time before dinner. (Excuse the swing set that is in dire need of a makeover). I promise the camera shot angle makes this one above look a little scarier then it really was :)
Still trying to figure out the art of action sites on my Nikon. Yep blurry :)

We ate dinner outside after that. Abby thought this was a fabulous idea. It was fun until the flying beetles (I hate them!) chased us inside. We will do that again but need a bug light or something first. Nothing worse then a beetle tangled in your hair :(

After dinner we had an impromptu photo shoot :)

Loving life with my sweet one :) And feeling very thankful in many ways.


Kim said...

CUTENESS...Love it..

Sherry Mc said...

Aha, the meema in me told me to check your blog tonight. I remember when she was in the toddler seat when the swing set was at our house I could never push her high enough. She is fearless. Loved the pictures. xo's Meema

Lindsay said...

Cute photos. We're in the same boat weather-wise. Just when I think I have packed it all away for good, I find I need to drag out the hats and boots again. Like you, I'm hoping the warm weather is here for good - last week it was like the second coming of the Flood!

Abba looks so grown up these days :)

dawn said...

Love the swing pictures.
You are welcome to our heat we went straight from winter to 90 degree's.