Sunday, May 01, 2011

Easter Fun

Abby had a great Easter this year. Sissy and JP came over and helped dye some Easter eggs. Mommy really liked that :)

Oh the concentration :)

So much fun!

Cousin Josh :)

We love cousin Erin! Thank you Sissy :)

The Easter Bunny Came. He was quite generous this year. Someone must have told him how tight things have been around here lately :) Or maybe it's the bigger basket with more room :). Her old Easter basket got broken this year :(

Mommy didn't get very good Easter Morning pictures this year.

Yep she spotted an Easter egg the E Bunny hid for her :) That sneaky bunny hid eggs all over the den :O (Excuse the hair. We are growing it out)

Good stuff :)

After a family lunch we headed over to Auntie Laurie's for another Easter Egg hunt. Course Mommy waited to take Abby's picture in her Easter Best at the end of the day. After she was good and rumpled.

Easter Baskets from Auntie L.

I can't believe she will be 4 and a half on May 13th!

It was pretty toasty Easter Day. 90!

Looking for eggs!

Abby and Sissy

Abby and Cousin Christopher

Abba and Pete the dog :)

Meema and Da with the Grand Kids minus the Atlanta crew :( We missed them!

Happy Easter!!

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Sherry Mc said...

It was a great day. Good pix. xo