Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yes we have some tomato's

Abby's Aunt Annetta gave us a little tomato plant to grow. It started out about 2 feet tall and then I thought I killed it. Once I re potted it it pepped up and grew and grew. Abby has been so excited as we waited and watched for our cherry tomato's to appear.

Our plant in early June.

Late June and finally some tomato's!

And now finally it's late July and we have red cherry tomato's! Abby was so excited and couldn't wait to pick them. She really doesn't like tomato's but so wants too :)

Our poor tomato plant. All of these upper 90's days we have been having with no rain and the occasional thunderstorm have really taken their toll. We water faithfully each day but our poor tomato plant is turning yellow :(

We brought our little crop in and washed them. Abby wanted to like them so badly that she even tasted one. I should have taken a picture of the taste. Unfortunately it was a no go but I was proud of her for trying. Next year we will definitely plant a little garden :)


Stephe said...

Awe, you inspire me. I need to plant one of those!!!

Sherry Mc said...

Oh, they are a pretty red and the ONE and only one that I was allowed to taste was delicious!! And, sorry Abby, but I didn't share it with Da! xo's meema

Lindsay said...

Lovely photos.