Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

Abby and Mommy had a wonderful Easter. We headed off to a friends church for an Easter egg hunt. In church before the hunt listening to the Easter story. The kids took turns opening eggs that each held something symbolic and part of the story.

Abby found a ton of eggs and candy. We went back to that church the next day for Sunday service :)

Abby and Mackenzie. BFF's since they were babies:)

After the egg hunt they decorated Easter cookies. I love how kid oriented this church is :0

Abby and her cookie.

Abby's Easter basket. Mommy was too lazy to take Easter morning pictures :(

After church we met up with the rest of our family for lunch. Nope! No pictures of that either :(

Abby posing in front of our Easter tree.

Easter pictures we took on the way home.

I love my pretty girl :0


Anonymous said...

gorgeous! xoxo auntie

erin said...

supper cute!

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