Thursday, November 03, 2005

Snake Wine Anyone???

Yep it's REALLY snake wine. I plan on being pretty open minded and ready to experience new things when I FINALLY get to go to China BUUUUUTTTTT........... SO now that I have your ATTENTION. I found out today that people have been trying to leave me comments without success. (Thank's Barb!) WHOOPS I accidently had my blog set to take comments from registered blog members only. That is no longer the case and anyone can leave me a comment. So again I invite you to leave me comments if you would like...You will still have to do the word verification thing so computer spamers won't be able to get on. My wait for Abby is going to be long. Any comments (Especially from those I don't get to see often!)
They would really lift my spirits and also help pass the time. Plus I get to see who is out there actually reading my blog. I know my blog is pretty exciting but do try to contain yourselves
And look out because I just learned how to add SMILEYS.


Eileen said...

We tried rice wine in China (strong!). I draw the line at snake wine.

Anonymous said...

Jenny I think that you should try the rice wine, but wait I wont be there to call your mom so maybe it is best if you stay away from it.

I can not tell you enough how truly excited I am for you. As always you are in my thoughts.

Love Shannon

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jenny I meant the Snake wine.

Barb Marino said...

I have heard that if offered one must eat or drink what is served or the host will be offended. If this is so will you drink the wine Jenny? I couldn't see you offending the host........