Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Thank You Meema

Back in December I posted a picture of a doll that my Mom had given me . She found the doll on ebay and said it was the same type of doll that I had as a child. Turns out that wasn't the doll although they were from the same doll family. The doll pictured above is (my MOM really thinks so) the same type of doll. She is a Madame Alexander doll named Puddin. Below I have a close up of her facial features. Aren't they sweet?

And below is a picture of me and Puddin. I had received her this day for my 3rd birthday.

I have also posted some pictures of some pretty outfits given to Abby by Meema!

Thank you Meema, Love You and I know Abby will too!!!


Joannah said...

I had a dollie very similar to that when I was little. I used to carry her around by her hair and consequently much of it came out. She's been referred to as 'the dollie with the pulled-out hair' ever since!

Eileen said...

Um, those dolls actually freak me out! I'm literally scared of them. Like they're going to come alive and start talking to me. LOL

I love the dresses though! Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Jenny & Meema,

The dresses are beautiful! But--if you all keep it up, there will be nothing left at the stores! As a Mother of a boy, I look forward to buying Abby "girly" things!

Mary Phillips