Thursday, March 09, 2006

3 Bears are better then 1

I ordered these cute TY Pluffies for Abby. Little
Ruby Cate has shown me and all her other dedicated followers out there in Blogland what a great first friend Bear can be. Thanks Amy for posting the link to where Bear's siblings can be found for adoption. I ordered 3. I plan to send one to Abby in her care package after I receive her referral, Bring one with me to China and Keep one at home as a spare. The way I see it a girl can never have too many bears!


Joannah said...

Those are really cute!

Anonymous said...

Those look so cuddly. Maybe we need to order a couple of spares for here. God forbid Killy get ahold of one. Mom

Anonymous said...

aunt jenny-
i am so happy you found the bear. where did you find it?
love erin
they are so cute and i think abby will love them.
(typed by mom)