Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Where is my dossier?

The pictures below were obtained from the Love Without Boundaries site. Their motto is "Every Child Counts" This organization has dedicated itself to helping Chinese orphans. The site offers many ways for you yourself to get involved and/or offer your assistance. Please check it out!

So..... Where is my dossier? Hopefully in the New CCAA office building pictured below!

A sign posted by the Entrance to the CCAA.

My dossier should be somewhere in these piles of dossiers waiting to be matched. I believe the dossiers are color coded by the months that they are logged in.


Connie said...

So many dossiers! I do believe I see YOURS nearing the top of the pile...better be ;0)

Jenny, thanks for the email. It means a lot :0)

Debbie said...

That is such a neat picture. Hoping yours pops up soon.

Ann said...

It's so neat and exciting to think about it this way. It's there, it's really there!!!

Leda said...

Aren't those shelves and shelves of dossiers scary?!? I just hope mine has a magnet in it so it can't get lost! :)