Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Nesting Again

So just in case you were wondering how much stuff can you fit in a bug? I am nesting again. It comes in spurts. I packed up all of Abby's clothing that was bigger then size 18 months. Meema and Da were kind enough to let me store them in their storage garage. That really helped to free up some more space in Abby's and my closets.

I actually had more stuff packed in here before I thought to take a picture (Potential blog content ya know :o).
I have also been sitting with only 2 walls painted in my living room for a while now (I know you just shuddered Connie :o). Last night for some odd reason I felt the need to paint. So at 10 PM I started and painted until I ran out of paint. When I got up this morning I went out and got more paint and more paint for the foyer and kitchen as well. I'm on a roll :) But now that the painting is almost done I really feel the need to get some new carpet. Don't know if I should wait till after Abby is bigger or get something good and stain resistant now.


PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

I was actually suprised at how much you could fit in a bug.

I hear ya with the painting urge I've found myself in the bacement away from the humidity painting in our reck room. I didn't even finish my kitchen yet!

Sweet little doll for Abby!

Doris & Dan said...

Busy mummy to be!! Good stuff!

Pics of the finished paing job pls!!

Keep smilin!

kris said...

Wow. So maybe all those clowns really DO fit in!

Good job on all the painting, I'm impressed. Can you do wood floors? I'm so glad I have them downstairs (with huge rug). Wish I could do them in the bedrooms too. Saves a lot on replacing carpet costs,etc.

Stacy said...

Wow! You have been a busy shopping bee!

I can't wait to see pictures of the new painted walls! Don't have any advice on the carpet. Good Luck with the decision!

tracy said...

Wow! You have that bugged packed down!

Anonymous said...

As a Mom of a four year old boy, I say don't replace the carpet now. Wait until Abby is past the bottle and sippy cup stage. Stain resisitant carpet can resist only so much during the toddler years! You could always put down an area rug over your carpet.

BTW - Luke was in a week long camp at a local preschool and he became friends with Olivia (adopted from China). Her baby sister just came home from China in late May. So cute! Maybe his future prom date? Luke's buddy Luke C. from Gautemala was also in the class. When I talk to my Luke about being from Russia it is nice to explain that many of his friends are adopted too!

Hope you get good news soon....


Shayla's Mom said...

Dag, you go! Hey, if you have any extra energy, I'd be glad to give you my address...we have a few rooms that could use a new paint job! I'd gladly buy you more storage containers Tuesday for a nice paint job today! ;)

LID 11/21/05

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

I am thinking I need to pack up the bigger sizes also.. I have no room for any clothes.. And you know me..
Have a great day..and evening..

Two Kayaks said...

Great idea to store some of it to make some room!
As for the carpet, I vote for new stuff now.

Catherine said...

heh! Great pic! Looks like you're set for a good long time for clothes. It's fun to do some shoppy and I'm finding people are very generous too!

Isn't it funny how we often think about blog content when we're doing something 'normal?' Guess it's just fun to share the everyday stuff with one another.

Happy painting! I hear ya with the unfinished project. Good for you for getting it done! I started my downstairs in March and it's half done. Sadly hasn't budged since. Oops! Goal is to have it done before September. Better get myself in gear.

Carpet? Good question. I think I'm going to have mine steam cleaned before Hannah comes home and then replace them when she's a bit older.

Looking forward to seeing pics of your new paint and hearing about your carpet decision.

Shannon S said...

Gotta love those inspired moments! Paint on, my friend! Just look at all those goodies Abby has to look forward to as she grows! Ooh, new carpet sounds good to me. Don't know if it's a good idea or not! =)

Ann said...

Must be in the air. I decided to move furniture out of the "guest room..soon to be baby room" the other day.

C.J. said...

Don't you love it when that painting bug hits? You feel so accomplished when you get finished.

Your car is SO organized. What a tidy gal you are with your nesting. It's like you're a nurse or something ;0)

LadyBug Journals said...

Just found your blog. Wow are getting close to your Abby. I hope it moves along quickly !

Patty said...

Jenny, so good to see you last month and now to catch up with your blog. I lost your number. I guess that's what happens after a few mango beverages. Give me a call. I have another friend who is starting the adoption process and thought. Patty