Sunday, December 30, 2007

More Bullets

The bullet thing is working for me right now so I am going to continue to go with it for now.

I am packing in earnest now, It is amazing how much you can actually get done when your under the gun! My goal is to be done (for the most part anyway) before I go to bed tonight. I will post pictures once done.

I'm still feeling achy today. I took an almost 5 hour nap today too! I sure didn't have time for that but I will make up for it tonight when I can't sleep. My elderly neighbor woke me up early this morning wanting to know if I had any meds for a chest cold. She sounded terrible and asked me to come and listen to her chest. (Yep I am the neighborhood nurse). She apologised for waking me and then said just come on down once you are up. So I thought I would close my eyes for a few more minutes. 15 minutes later and she calls me again and asks if I am coming. I gave her some Vix for her chest, some tea bags, and some soup and told her to call her Doctor in the Am to see about a chest xray. She did look rough but was not complaining of any shortness of breath. I washed my hands good once I got home. That's all I need right now is her crud. She called again during my nap wanting to know if I had any codeine?????? NOT!!

I am watching The Sound Of Music while I pack. Love it :) The wedding scene is on right now. One of my favorite parts!

I still don't know how to use my new video camera that I got for my BD back in August. Adding that to the list of stuff to do before I go.

My cats know something is up!

Somehow I deleted Internet Explorer off my laptop. I thought I was freeing up disk space and that happened. Now I can't get it back. I was able to open up a MSN account so that I can still get on line. Unfortunately though, when I deleted it I lost all of my favorites! I had a ton of info not to mention many blogs saved that I follow that are now gone! I know I will find them again but it will take a while.

This is trivial but I will ask it anyway. Is there any truth to the 10 pound weight loss plan for new parents while in China? I am hoping so! My diet has really gone south in the last 2 weeks. I plan to get back on track when we return though.

I need to make a Walmart run. I am considering going tonight so there will be at least one less thing for me to do tomorrow. I need to stock up on some food for Abby. That is where I get scared again. What to get???? I am thinking maybe the Gerber toddler stuff? Yikes I am such a newbie! This girl doesn't really cook either.

So I have Monday and Tuesday left to get ready. Anyone know if the stores are open on New Years Day? We leave for the airport on Wednesday at 2 PM.

Well back to packing!


Lisa S said...

Gerber puffs are awesome and cheerios are a must!!! good luck and god bless!!

Shayla's Mom said...

I actually lost 14 lbs while in can be done without even trying! We walked so much and took Shayla everywhere in a stroller...she loved it!

By the way, watching The Sound of Music now too...and baby is dancing!

Shayla's Mom (Lisa)
Back from China 9/20/07

Lisa said...

I was just watching the Sound of Music too but then got antsy and wanted to see if you updated. My thoughts are sooooo with you right now. I remember the last minute packing like it was yesterday not to mention it was 10 years ago. Now I'm sitting here waiting for my phone call.

Hey I just noticed I'm the third Lisa to post here. You sure do know a lot of great Lisa's. LOL

Shannon said...

Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! =)
I'm exhausted from anticipation just reading your post!

Oh yeah, I was flipping between Sound of Music and Jane Eyre.

Desert Mama said...

for baby/toddler food, check out and - 2 sites that talk about making your own baby/toddler food. Even if you don't cook much they have lots of helpful info. - and baby/toddler portions are so small that you could cook once a week and freeze for during the week - and save lots of money feeding Abby better food. I would also wait to get much in the way of food for her until you meet her and know what she can eat and likes. Cheerios and the Gerber toddler snacks are good to have on hand. Many babies also like yogurt - although you might wait until you get home to get that so it doesn't go bad.
And the nerves and excitement and tension - all part of becoming a mom. Try to relax - do what you can now - and enjoy the ride!

Lisa and Tate said...

Reading this has got my heart a pumpin' hard! How very exciting to be soooo close. Panic hit me too as I thought what things I need to get done before Tate arrives. I will be living thru you for the next upcoming weeks! Post tons of pictures, please?


i-Con said...

Just catching up! The shower looks wonderful...SO happy for you getting to meet Shannon. Still, I must confess to wanting a cranberry martini at 9AM after seeing that pic!

Hope today finds you perked up and packed up!

Happy New doubt about that sweets!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

I am sooo excited for you girly...
Go with your instinct...She will be flexable..
Glad you are almost done packing..
Hugs to you girly..
I can't wait...

Julie said...

I love Maria's wedding gown and always crack up at the fact that she walks down the aisle to "How do you solve a problem like Maria"

I lost 14 pounds in China. We always had a huge breakfast, rarely were hungry for lunch and only an occasional dinner. Lots of walking and activity.

amy said...

I am learning so much from you!!! Have fun with your last minute stuff..
Will be praying!!!!!

C said...

What a great way to ring in a new year! You'll figure it all out, I promise. and cooking isn't really necessary, trust me.
Kate would devour those little meat sticks in water in the baby aisle when we got home. DEVOURED them.
Also ramen noodles (pound the bag before you cook them), hard boiled eggs, RICE, (She still loves rice. I"m not sure it's all that nutritious, but it did seem to comfort her.)
She also loved oatmeal, cheese, well, really the first few weeks, she'd eat almost anything.
I watched the Sound of Music too. Love that movie.

Mom of 5 said...

Oh I am sooo excited !
Yep- 10 lbs...wish it were still off :)
Just get a few toddler foods-don't worry. I LOVE the Sound of Music too. Gonna have to dig that out. Hope you feel better. Can't wait to follow your adventure.

Eliza2006 said...

I don't think I lost much in China, but looking back at pics last year, I was definitely thinner. Just the stress and excitement of it all, I guess. Eliza HATED baby food. I would buy a little just to get by until you know what Abby likes. One thing Eliza loved was sweet potatoes. I would just throw one on the oven and it would be enough for a day or two. Pack plenty of formula. That was my biggest pain in China. I had to switch Eliza from the orphanage formula to my formula to a Chinese formula when I ran out and then back to her regular formula in the U.S. Silly me. Have a great trip. I can't wait!!!! I really, really can't wait!!!!


Joannah said...

So exciting! The final few hours before you leave for China!!! I hope you get it all done and find time to rest a bit, too.

Beverly said...

Yes there is much truth to the weight loss plan however the putting it back on plan once home and settled is true too.

Let someone else learn your camera too because you will be holding the baby and not able to video much.


Liz & Ava said...

I lost 10 lbs in China and that was still eating at every meal time! I guess it was just all the stress and far I've managed to keep it off too.
Can't help with the food thing...Ava ate whatever I ate and wasn't on formula...just whole milk...although I switched her to formula for a while once home because of the extra nutrients.
I'm so excited for must be getting so anxious!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

sounds like you are coming right along with the packing. I can verify the 10 pound loss thing.. the one thing I wish I had taken to China was a belt as I also 10 pounds while there.
Don't fret to much about food. Maddy ate a lot of rice, scrambled eggs, and spaghetti noodles when we got home. Even to this day, if there is rice or noodles on the table, she will eat nothing else. Just get a few things and you'll be good to go! PROMISE!

Lisa, Doug & Briana said...

Yep - I lost a lot of weight between China and getting so sick! You are so busy in China walking and tending to baby, you don't really eat that much!

I agree with bringing the fruit puffs and cheerios. You can't find regular Cheerios in China (only the honey nut kind).

Wishing you lots of luck! Happy New Year!

chloesmama said...

Hmmm...regarding baby foods to get, I'd actually get just a couple of things to start with, and see what Abby likes. You'll have such a better idea of what to get once you get home. Try some Graduates Puffs (I'd take some to China--they are great!), baby prunes, and a couple of other baby foods. At first, Chloe was on the Stage 1 foods. She hadn't had any solid foods in China, and refused everything we offered her. Other babies were eating right away, and one baby in our group wanted nothing whatsoever to do with baby food, and started right in on table foods. Every baby is different.

Be sure to tell your kitties what's up. I am convinced that they understand more than people realize.

Keep taking all the opportunities to sleep when you can, and don't feel guilty! You need your rest!

kristie said...

I can not believe your moment is here and now. WOW!! Please travel safely and bring Abby home ASAP. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you prepare for your return home. Goldfish crackers, cheerios, fruit snacks (i think gerber makes a type that are a lot softer than the kid ones). i would keep it simple until you get home so here little system can get used to american food??? what do i know??? Have fun and hurry home=)

shuey6 said...

Also watched the Sound of Music!

They have a WalMart in China. You'll find stuff for her to eat everywhere, just take Power Bars for yourself.

I lost weight the first trip, but on the second I held steady.

daisy said...

email on your way home and let Laurie go shopping for you, once you have a sense of Abby's food, Love Aunt Laurie daisy

daisy said...

By the way, the wedding scene was always a favorite of mine, even though I found out the church doesn't actually exist! It is a compiliation of three different churches! Daisy

Truly Blessed said...

Yep, I lost about 10 lbs. in China without even trying. I think it has to do with only eating two meals a day (a big breakfast and dinner -- we were never hungry for lunch).

How exciting that you're LEAVING FOR CHINA IN TWO DAYS!!!!!!

Oh, how I wish I were going with you, 'cause I've got a baby there who needs her Mama, too!

Make sure you stop and see Peter at Peter's Place in the Arts & Crafts building (right on the park) OR at the Shop on the Stairs on Shamian Island. He is THE ONE to paint Abby's face inside the snuff bottle. Trust me, he is amazing and does excellent work (the bottle is about $35 USD and definitely worth it!).

Enjoy every minute in beautiful China. There are many of us back home who will be checking your site every day looking for updates and those wonderful pictures of your little angel.

Congratulations again!!

OziMum said...

Ooo the weightloss in China plan sounds fantastic!!!

Hope you got all your packing down, so you can rest!

Gerber toddler food is a good pantry stocker, most kiddies like chunks of fruit too - of course, don't get that til you get home!!!

Sound of Music was on here, Boxing Day night!!! Mikayla watched it, and loved it!!!

Ladyblog said...

I can't wait to see you with your new daughter! Every baby is different, but you will find anything you need in China. Pack light! It's a long trip.
Have fun! Make memories!