Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Been a little while

Long time no blog. Abby's croup turned into bronchiolitis and then moved on to Mommy in the form of bronchitis. Thanks to Uncle Chris and a round of antibiotics we are both on the mend. Little girl ended up missing 5 days of school (daycare) But thanks to Meema, Mommy only missed two days of work. Unfortunately Mommy has to work with her bugs attacking so I have been pretty beat at night and thus no energy for blogging. To make up for our absence I have posted lots of pictures and will do a catch up post soon.

Last weekend we went to the fall festival. Abby had a great time. We met Uncle Pete, Aunt Annetta and Cousin Josh there. Auntie Laurie and Sissy met us too. Below Abby with her Uncle Pete. Not sure why they both look so serious. She loves her Uncle Pete.

Cousin Josh is getting big fast!

Abby loves cousin Josh :)

Playing with my new toy. Again looking so serious.

Abby modeling her new fall sweater that we found at the festival.

Sunday Abba and Mommy went to the Virginia Living Museum. Note that someone is sporting a very fine fringe of bangs now.

She loves the fish.

The outside portion has live wild animals to see.

Not too many outside pictures as I was too busy chasing my little one around :0 Later that night I decided to cut some more bangs for my Abba. They aren't perfect but I think she looks adorable and more importantly she can see. Yes I caved, I know I'm weak! I got tired of her hair hanging in her eyes all the time. Later on , when she is older and will keep her hair clips in we will grow them out.

Just some various shots of her bangs.

I'll leave ya with this video. Abby is big on diapering her babies these days. I had to move the diapers because she keeps getting into them when I'm not looking :)


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the pictures..
Sounds like you have been busy and sorry to hear you were sick.. but sounds like you are getting better..
Hugs ..
LOVE the new sweater.. you always find the cutest things..
Love Abby's new hair cut..
Have a Great Week girly..

laurie said...

soo flippen cute! love the bangs!xoxo~auntie L

Anne said...

Love her sweet little voice!

PIPO said...

Thanks for the cuteness fix!!! Glad to hear you're both on the mend :0)

Susan, Matt, Mia said...

Love the bangs. Cute video too.
Glad you are feeling better.


Wendy said...

She is just so cute!!

Lindsay said...

Glad you're both on the mend and starting to feel better. It's so hard being single when you are both sick.

Love the jumper you got at the festival. Beautiful.

Hannah does exactly the same as Abby 'changing' her baby. Isn't it the cutest?

Sandwitchedin said...

We're on our way to scoop up all that cuteness!! Leaving tomorrow (Friday) at 4:00am. Uncle Terry and I will be at your mom's by dinner time, perhaps a little before.

YAY!!! I get to see all of you this weekend.

Aunt Debbie

Heather said...

I know how you feel about the bangs. I caved too...I couldn't take it anymore...and I really don't like bangs...but what'cha gonna do?!?!?

One of the pictures of Abby at the museum, looking at the turtles...if you look in the glass, it looks like she's wearing a turtle hat. It's SO cool...I love to look for that kind of stuff in photos.

Oh...and I got the kindergarten crap too..sick as a dog for 3 weeks. I always get sicker than she does...but we're healthy again for I feel your pain mamma!!!

Stephe said...

Awe, Abby is getting so big and BEAUTIFUL!!

Okay, so you have to find out for me...I bought the same stroller that cousin Josh has. Does his mommy just LOVE it? What's the scoop!! I'm just dying for GG to have her fist ride in it!!!

Stephe over at

Special K said...

OMG! I just love her.

The piggy tails hair-do at the museum is my fave. So cute.

PS. Hope you feel better soon. I've been battling my own bird flu and it's been no picnic. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Jenny that video is adorable- Abby had me laughing. Hope ya'll are feeling better- looks like Abby is.
Mandy T.

Momma and ZZ said...

She is so cute with her bangs and pigtails!! So glad she is feeling better.

Beverly said...

That was precious. Love the big grin she gives with saying 'mama'

Abby goes to Denmark! said...

I loooooove the new haircut!! (and I'm not typically a fan of bangs either!)

She's just adorable. =)

Carol and Taylor said...

So digging the new do! Of course, I'm into bangs as you can tell my my daughter. Abby is just too cute for words.

Donna said...

Hope Abby is all all the photos!

Shannon said...

I love the bangs/fringe! Abba is abbalicious! =)

laurie said...

checking for an abba fix before i leave for aruba. give her a big hug and smoochie from auntie!
see you when i get back,
love, auntie L

Kelly said...

how adorable is she?? Jenny, the video made me melt - it was great hearing your voice and hers. She's talking so well.