Saturday, October 18, 2008


Don't know where the time goes these days but there is definitely never enough of it. I don't have any pictures from this week because my camera is at my brothers. Here's a smattering of random pictures that (I think) have never been on the blog. I'll do some Abby bullets at the end :) Peek a Boo!
Just looking cute :0

That would be prunes! Nope she didn't eat em but she did frost her corn on the cob with them :)

I love this outfit on her :)

Ni Ni (In Mamas bed these days)

Where's my Abba?

She loves to rock.
Umbrella girl.
She's not happy here.

Mitten Mania
And cont....
YEP! She's a lady of leisure:)

The End :)
Abby Bullets!
-She loves School! She says YAY school when we pull up and happily runs right in :) I'm happy with them as well with only a few minor irritations. IE they don't use bibs when they serve things like spaghetti or raviolis.
-She still loves her babies. The other morning she came into the bathroom where I was getting ready for work, She had her baby in a doll carrier and had covered the whole thing with a baby blanket. She set it down gently then looked at me and put her fingers to her lips and said SHHHHH. I whispered, "Is your baby sleeping?" She put her fingers to her lips again and said SHHHHH :)
-This morning we decorated our pumpkin. I found a Mr Potato Head pumpkin kit and we went to town. Once we were done Abby looked at me and said, "Good girl Mama" then she clapped and cheered saying, "YaY Mama" over and over for a few minutes :)
-Ever since she had the croup she has been sleeping with me. I can't get her to go to bed in her crib. She has no problem napping in there but at night it's Mama's bed.
-Another new thing as of late, When she wants me to play with her she sits down and pats the carpet next to her and says, "Sit down Mama".
-She loves music. She sings now. Her favorites are the ABC song, Row Row Row boat (as she calls it) and Iyayiyiyo (Old Macdonald). She likes to dance too :)
-I swear she is so smart. She loves puzzles and is really good at them. She loves books too.
-She's getting really good at drinking out of a regular cup.
-She's going to be a bumblebee for Halloween:)
-I took her today and had her pictures done by the "Pict*re People". They got some cute shots even though their subject was a little less then cooperative. I will get them scanned to post soon.
-Speaking of pictures, I need to scan her first school (daycare) picture as well. It turned out cute but she has a nice boogie coming out of her left nare.
-My baby is going to be TWO next month! Can you believe it??
-Finally a late but huge Congratulations to Shannon for the unexpected arrival of her daughter Elena. If you haven't already, go check out all of the cuteness!!!


Sherry Mc said...

Yeah I get to comment first. Been hungry for these pictures. I love the very first and the sleep one. xo's for you both. Mom

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

WOW.. you have been busy.. I can't believe Abby is going to be 2... amazing how time flies..
I just LOVE that white sweater with the ladybugs on it....Where did you get it..??????
Can't wait to see the pictures of Abby .. I am sure they are sooo beautiful..
Have a Great Weekend..
Hugs girly..

Lisa and Tate said...

Oh man, I love me some bullets!!! She sounds so adorable! She will be two sooooo soon??? Time it's a flyin' on by!

Eliza2006 said...

Yay for school!!! It took Eliza an entire year to get to that point!


Kelley said...

Those pictures are so cute!!! I'm so glad Abby's loving her pumpkin. What a little darling she is!

Briana's Mom said...

I can't believe Abby is going to be two!!! She is too stinkin' cute!

I can't stop laughing at the prune covered corn - yuck!!!

Shannon said...

Thanks for sending out the love. Abba is A for adorable!! Thank goodness you put one picture in where she was less than happy 'cause otherwise I just wouldn't believe it! Thank you for sharing so many sweet mementos!

Donna said...

Thanks for the sounds like Abby's growing into an amazing little girl!

Deb said...

I miss you guys already! It was great to finally meet Abby and catch up with everyone else.

The picture with the umbrella....LOVE the bandaids at the ankles!

Aunt Debbie