Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yorktown Beach fun!

Friday evening we had a mini playdate. We met Amy, John and Ava for some waterplay fun. And a little later we were joined by Karen, Chuck, Rachel, Kelsey and Morgan for icecream. A good time was had by all. All that is until I committed the mortal sin of throwing Abby's ice cream away. I thought she was done and she pitched a royal fit so the night ended a little rough for us. I can't say I blame her though. It was bedtime and hey I would be mad too if some threw out my ice cream before I was done. (Never mind that she hadn't touched it for at least 20 minutes, or that she had refused any bites I offered her before I ditched it, or that it was all melted.)

We didn't bring any any water toys with us but the kids made due with what we had.

Ava burrito :)

Walking in the sand.

Jelly fish alert! (I think it's a cool shot though)

I didn't think we would have jelly issues until August but there were quite a few.

Another shot of the Coleman bridge. It's a different angle this time since my shots are usually taken from the other end on Mom's side.

Then on to Ben & Jerry's :) Abby and Morgan and Kelsey.

Abby loves Morgan and she is wonderful with the kids.


Lots of from behind shots. The kids were having to much fun to stop and pose.


Dancing queens :)

I love this shot! I totally stole it from Karen. Too cute!

Rachel, Kelsey, Abby, Morgan and Ava :)


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

looks like an amazing time..
Have a great week...

Kris said...

ah yes... she is a girl through and through- the "i don't want it until it's gone" syndrome. i remember doing that with some boyfriends much much later in life! glad you guys had a good time despite the ice cream meltdown (pun intended)- cute pics!

Debbie and Sam said...

It looks like fun! I hope we can get Elizabeth out to join you guys some friday night.

Mama Duck said...

This looks like so much fun!!! Love these pictures...

Shannon said...

Friends, the beach and ice cream- perfect day! Some great pictures of everyone. Cute suit on your sweetie. Meet up soon! =)

Karen said...

LoL- had a great time. Glad you stole my pic. :-) Help yourself to any of them!