Monday, July 27, 2009

Playing with Ellie!

Last week we had our week long family vacation. We were in Sandbridge Virginia. While there we were fortunate enough to meet up with Shannon and the beautiful Ellie. Miss Ellie is growing up fast and still keeps her Mommy on her toes. She is also fearless when it comes to the ocean. She and Abby had a great time together and it was great to catch up with Shannon as well. We had a good time comparing notes as single Mommy's and just got caught up in general. We really don't live terribly far apart and need to get together more often :)

So once Ellie arrived the girls played a little while :0

Then they got caught up :) I'm sure they were sharing new Mommy stories.

We fed the girls a little lunch but funny... Shannon and I never ate lunch? Then the real fun began as we headed for the beach :)

We love the beach :)

You can just see the determination :) Must get to the water! Or is it Must eat/throw (sorry Shannon) sand :)

"Mom! I got it." "Honest!"

Beach babies :)

Hmmmm. Sand and water! An awesome mix :)

Salty :)

Pure Bliss! I love it :O

Shhhhhhh. Ellie is listening :)

Digging to China?

Know way! We like it here :)

Got trucks :O

So yep a fun time! And my girl was out like a light once the play date ended for nap time :) Nothing like beach fun and beach air to wear a girl out for a good nap.

We had an awesome vacation and I will post more pictures this week :) For now I'll leave you with some video of the girls beach fun.


Debbie and Sam said...

Too cute! I love watching the feet chase after Ellie. That must have been an exhausting day for all! It looks like alot of fun!!!

Sherry Mc said...

What a great week we had. More pix please. They were both adorable together. I too, would love to see more of them. xo Mom

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Looks like a great time..
love the photos..
Have a great week..

Shannon said...

Your commentary cracks me up! Great pictures and video. You did a great job at capturing them both! We had such a great time and will meet up with you again soon!