Friday, January 29, 2010

Waiting for the Snow!

Yay! We are in the pink! I can't wait to play in the snow with Abby! I'm praying the forecast holds. In other news....The closing on my condo was Tuesday :) Also had the home inspection on the new house Tuesday. There are a few issues so we asked the seller to knock some money off of the closing costs to allow for us to fix the issues instead. Just found out a little earlier that he said okay. So waiting on the appraisal results but looks like my dream house is mine. Things are moving right a long so still aiming for February 19Th as my closing date. We are mostly settled at my Mom's now. Abby continues to do well. A little anxiety about her things we packed being there when we unpack and a little sadness on missing the old house but she will love the new one once we are in. As anticipated our cat's are having a harder time with the transition ;(
Now off to find some snow boots for my girl. Hope to post some fun snow pictures soon:)


Kim said...

Congrats on the house!

I am in the pink too :(

Lindsay said...

Have fun in the snow - looking forward to seeing your photos. And best of luck with the house move.

daisy said...

the house looks absolutely wonderful, the original aunt Laurie

Lisa (Briana's Mom) said...

So jealous! Wish we were getting some snow!

erin said...
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Kris said...

cats are like that, aren't they? glad the closing is done and you are enjoying the new home!

have a blast in the snow!

Anonymous said...

Not sure where to post this but I wanted to ask if anyone has heard of National Clicks?

Can someone help me find it?

Overheard some co-workers talking about it all week but didn't have time to ask so I thought I would post it here to see if someone could help me out.

Seems to be getting alot of buzz right now.