Saturday, August 14, 2010

And she SWIMS!!!

Someone is now swimming! I'm so proud of Abby that I could bust :) We had a play date about a week ago with 2 little girls that Abby likes and looks up to. They are both pretty proficient in the water. The day after the play date Abby started jumping off the side and going under willingly. The day after that she was swimming with her face in the water. All this with her life jacket still on but still a huge step for her. Today she had her swimming lesson with instructor Miss Betty. And today she started doing even more this time WITHOUT her life jacket!!! GO Abby :)

She is really swimming and not touching the step at all :)


kitchu said...

Good for her!! That is really awesome :)

Sherry Mc said...

Go Abby go!! So Proud! Meema