Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dinosaurs and more

We joined the Virginia Living Museum again this year and Abby loves it! Mommy loves that a good chunk of it is air conditioned. Currently they have a dinosaur exhibit for the summer. Here was our first visit earlier this summer. A little intimidating. They were pretty big and kind of loud. She wasn't sure what to think at first.
Curiosity won out though.

And she decided they were pretty cool.

Until we found some that had BIG teeth.

Then not so much.

Cave women on the loose.

Once we finished with the dinosaurs we moved on to the aquarium and Mommy's favorite the starfish.
Such cute and graceful little guys.

Being eye to eye with a turtle is pretty funny stuff!

I think they liked her.

Bummer. Her eyes were closed.

Much better.

Oyster shell path.

A makeup less Mommy and Abby with a big scratch (self inflicted) on her nose.

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Sherry Mc said...

Awesome. Wish I had been there!!~