Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Abby Now

Thought I would share 2 videos of My Abba live. These were taken in November with the third taken on the eve of her 4th Birthday. These really show her as she is now :) Okay had to re edit. The second video was posted on accident but still cute. She was so tired and had a cold :)


Sherry Mc said...

Our Abby to a tee! I'm exhausted just watching. Love you both.

Abby said...

That last video is just way too cute!! She's a little lovebug, huh? Glad all is going well for you guys. =)

~Abby in MA

Shannon said...

LOL! That girl has some energy! Too funny when she says,"It feels good!" Love how she uses complete sentences in response to your questions! What is it about climbing up on tables?!
She has grown so fast. This summer we WILL let our not so little ones anymore tire each other out togheter. It's possible, right?!

erin said...

I LOVE the first video! I was their to and I remember ever bit of it :}

Carol and Taylor said...

I rarely comment but have been following Miss Abba since before you were in china. It's an absolute pleasure to see her "in action", so to speak. 4 is such a special age. Enjoy!

Kind regards from Miami,

Carol and Taylor