Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Backtracking to 4

This little blog certainly fell to the ways side the last part of 2010. Thought I would go back and document some of the moments that should have been blogged about. Starting with Saturday November 13 2010. The day Abba turned 4 :) Her extended family party was planned for the following week since Meema and Da were out of town. Her BD party with her friends wasn't to happen until early December (we had a joint party with her best friend also turning 4). So I decided we would have a BD breakfast just the two of us. On the menu were chocolate doughnuts (her favorite) and powdered (for Mommy). She also had her first taste of hot chocolate :) This was what was waiting for her when she woke up that morning.
My BD girl :)

Pretty BD princess :)

Opening her presents from Mommy :)

What she wanted most of all.............

A Disney princess magic rise oven! She played with it all day so definitely a hit :)

I'm 4!!!

First hot chocolate was YUMMY :)

Modeling her new dress up dress and YES Mommy went a little over board :)

That night Auntie L and Sissy came over for cake. No pictures of them though :( Here she is blowing out her candles.

On Sunday night she made her gift bags for her class party. We made cupcakes with lots of sprinkles :) Evidently I neglected to take any pictures of them though :(

My tired Four year old! How I love her!! I love how she lines up all of her buddies :) And yes that would be my bed :) Getting just a little bit crowded but I wouldn't have it any other way :)


Lindsay said...

That's one crowded bed :) A very belated Happy Birthday to Abba.

erin said...

my little abba is growing to fast :(

laurie said...

super cute. bday night was fun <3!

Shannon said...

That was one fun filled (extended) birthday! Four already?!