Monday, February 20, 2012

Random pictures

I really need to do a better job with Abby's blog. I have tons of pictures out there along with many uncompleted posts just out there in limbo. For documentations sake and my eventual plan to turn her blog into a book. I need to do it for her. Plus she is growing up so darn fast :)

Feeding one of our cats (Quackers) who is always starving.

Dress up fun with cousin Josh.

Abby in our Culdesac riding bikes with some of the neighborhood kids. I love it! And this was a big reason why I bought this house :)

My sweet girl taking a bow.


Modeling her Valentines day outfit from Meema!

Cheeser :)

You blinded me Momma!

Nope not going to open my eyes.

Wearing her 100 days hat she made at school.

100 day in Kindergarden and 100 days smarter :)

No more pictures Please!

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Anne said...

She has gotten so big! Cutie :)(