Saturday, February 25, 2012


After such a snowy winter last year Abby and Mommy too have been a little disappointed this time around. So far just 2 times have we seen snow and both times just a dusting. The first time it started around 5 PM. Big flakes that looked pretty promising.

Abby was excited

Check out the big fluffy flakes.

They were covering pretty fast.

Abby with her magnifying glass checking out the snowflakes.

Checking out the snow in her hair. Funny the camera did not pick it up.

The next morning we found our dusting. Winds were whipping with a windchill of about 10 degrees. Abby insisted on going out.

Wearing the new snowpant I got her this year. Yep probably totally why it hasn't snowed a lot this winter.

I think the Chinese clothing police would have approved.

And out she went to make the most of what little snow we had. :)

She had fun while Mommy watched from the window and took pictures.

Getting her magnifying glass ready.

Love my girl and still hoping we get at least one good snowstorm before winter ends :)


Polar Bear said...

What is with all of these little teaser snows this year? It's quite annoying!

I hope we all get one good snow soon.

You have one adorable little snowflake hunter with her magnifying glass. :o)

Lindsay said...

yup we had hardly any snow this year - but I still very happy to see spring come!