Friday, December 30, 2005


Erin and C.J. had a sleepover with Aunt Jenny last night. We had a good time going out to dinner then watching movies before they went to bed. Thank's guys for loaning me Polar Express since we didn't have time to watch it. The three of us usually all sleep together in my spacious double bed. It makes for a tight squeeze and last night it just wasn't happening. Aunt Jenny ended up moving to the couch around 4 am. I am going to definitely have to get a new bigger bed before Abby gets here....


laurie ciccone said...

too funny...kudos to you for attempting it!thanks for letting them sleep over-they so love their aunt jen-jen.i'm counting down the days until mom wants some time to herself and cousin abby comes to stay with auntie laurie, uncle chris, and cousins c.j. & erin!!
love & happy new year!
auntie laurie

Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath Aunt Laurie. I want to have all three of them at once. Mom - meema!