Friday, January 20, 2006

Abby's new baby

I had a doll like this when I was little. I believe I had received her for my birthday. Anyway my mom saved her and recently she sent her away to a doll hospital for a makeover. Then they lost her. Long story short, Mom found her exact twin on Ebay and surprised me with her over the holidays. She says, "waaaa"when you flip her over just like the older dolls did. I thought maybe her previous owner had given her a haircut but mom swears this was how she looked then. Looks like it was mullet season when she was made. We are looking for a picture of me with her. When I find it I will post it. She is wearing a 3 to 6 month outfit so If I want I can even model some of Abby's outfits on her. THANKS MOM!!LOVE YA ;D

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Nancy Clements said...

There is nothing like a piece of the past to make the future more visable.
You are the best, Nancy